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Google Home
Just finished watching the livecast of all of the Google announcements. Pre-ordered a Google Home device to try out.

Here are some links...

Developer Info

Google Home Ordering

Will be interesting...
I have high hopes for this. As someone who does not have Amazon available I am hoping this will be a suitable competitor and hopefully give me the voice control at home like I am hearing others talk about.

Lets hope Dean can see the benefits of including it in CQC as he did with the Echo.
Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home
Yes! There will be an SDK available for the integration of the Google Assistant into other 3rd party platforms, maybe CQC...

Interactive conversations with our HA systems, now that would be killer!

At a minimum a potential solution for Android users will be the developer of AutoApps plugins for Tasker. He is indicating that he's all over it once Google releases the development tools to the world.
Keep us advised, Ben.

Ill be following this as I've really grown to enjoy the freedom of voice commands(with Echo), but these systems need a lot of work in order to be truly efficient.

Alexa, tell control to turn on uverse.

Alexa, tell control to turn on master fan

Alexa, I really wish you could do more than one thing in one command.

Response: I don't understand the question you asked.
Set up the CQC integration and it can run any CQC actions you set up.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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