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Tip O' The Day : Searching for Media
Dean Roddey Wrote:I think that the Plex driver assumes that it's only dealing with movies. I wasn't aware that Plex handled music at all, so the driver doesn't really look for any.

Ah, that explains some issues...:-?
Plex does handle music - art work and all. So you can play music through any Plex client via chromecast, roku, apple tv etc. I looked through the CQC Plex driver source, and it specifically says no music supported.
Who developed the driver?
I did the driver. I can maybe take a look at it later in the 5.1 beta cycle.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Great! I like the plex product!
Here is some useful information on the plex music product.

As you can see, has a lot of cool features. I love that it will generate playlists based on mood. It would be great if we could play those playlists from within CQC, especially with echo.
CQC wouldn't see playlists created on the fly. If it pre-creates them then it would work. But if it just does it on a whim, CQC wouldn't see it. That would require constantly pulling down all the data on the chance something had changed, which wouldn't be practical.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
It's pre-created. It's created by a filter within Plex.

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