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Modified driver needs to be reimported on upgrades

I asked you this a while back, but I can't recall the solution.

I have a driver, for the Integra/Onkyo receivers that I have modified. Every time I do an update I have to re-import the package.

Basically the default system driver is getting installed and I want my custom one to be.

What do I need to do to not have to do this.
You have to move it to the User section. Make a copy of the Manifest, change the name to make it a xxx-User.Manifest so as to not have the same name as the system one. In the manifest, change the path to the CML class to be in the User section instead the system section. In the Model value, add a -User to it, because make/model is the unique id for a driver, so it has to be different from the System one.

Now open that manifest. It'll say the file doesn't exist, which is true. Go grab the original content from your modified version, and paste it into this new file. Update the class path to reflect it's new location in the User area.

Now test it. If it all works, then create the driver pack and import it. After that it should remain unaffected.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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