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CQC server hacked
OK, it'a happened twice and I want to save my CQC configuration, and then do a wipe of my disk and reinstall Windows 7. I have quarantined the server and taken it off my network.
I can't remember how to backup CQC manually. It is just as simple as copying all the files in the Program Files (X86)/CQC into another directory? I am running 4.8.x I think but they messed with my CQC passwords as well and I can't login to CQC either.
yes just copy that folder. Can't help you with the CQC pw though.
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IVB Wrote:yes just copy that folder. Can't help you with the CQC pw though.
Thanks. I can always setup a new account and password when I reinstall, which is pretty much what I have to do anyway.
In order to do that, they'd have to be on your internal network, and have the ability to log into your server or some such. If so, your concerns should probably be more towards figuring out how that is happening. If they have gotten that far, they could be watching everything you type or transmit.

What you might want to do delete all executables and DLLs from the directory, then copy it to the new machine, then run the installer. So, from the CQC directory (make SURE you are in the CQC directory), run:

del *.exe /s /q
del *.dll /s /q

So, even if they managed to modify an executable, it couldn't in any way carry forward.
Dean Roddey
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Stop the server service first. Then copy.
What makes you think you were hacked?

Do you have an open Wifi access point that someone could have logged onto and accessed your system that way?

I would be very careful in carrying anything forward - that is why regular backups should be done.

As Dean says make sure you are in the CQC directory when deleting dll's and exe otherwise you could delete every executable and library file.
Mykel Koblenz
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First time there were some pictures placed on my desktop that weren't mine. Plus some other suspicious changes.

Second time, all my CQC passwords were no longer valid. Plus some other suspicious changes.

Both happened in the space of one week.

No open wifi networks.

Carrying just about nothing forward, just CQC templates/drivers/graphics/etc... Reinstalled Win7, virus protection and did scan with nothing found. Reinstalled CQC 4.8.3 and a very few other safe things. Now trying to get back to my latest CQC configuration. Keeping fingers crossed.
Having trouble getting my config back up and running.

If I copy my backup back to program files (x86), then delete all .exe and .dll files, when I try to install CQC is recognizes the previous copy and only lets me install over the previous, and I still can't login because my passwords were buggered.

If I uninstall CQC, then do the same as above, it lets me install a new copy of CQC, and set a new password, but doesn't retain my existing templates/etc...

I know my templates and stuff are still there.

So, how do I combine an installation of CQC where I set new users and passwords, but keep my existing templates/graphics/drivers/etc...? Do I do a new install, set a new password, and then copy my old CQCData folder into the new installation directory?
OK, just answered my own question. If I copy CQCData over the new in installation it won't let me log in, so it appears that my old buggered password info in somewhere in the CQCData folder, and I don't know the buggered password.
So back to my question in the previous post. How to install CQC with new password, but with pre-existing configuration stuff from my backup.

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