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Forum - New Posts doesn't work with Firefox
Its still not working for me.

Time up update vbulletin?
At some point we need to, but it's a scary thing to do. We have to do it remotely and there are always a lot of gotchas and if something goes wrong it can take down the forum for some time while I recover. So it requires time to really prep for it and be sure I understand the issues, and that time has not been forthcoming any time recently.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
It seems to be working for me much more reliably these last few days as well. But I also may be floating between my two tablets and a desktop more frequently too. I know sometimes in the past it was easier to get to work if you used another device.
Brian - a long time user that rarely messes with the system now
Other systems used:
SageTV w/ cablecard tuner & multiple extenders for viewing
BlueIris and IP cameras for CCTV
Incredible PBX for home phone
I've cleared my cache a few times recently. Maybe this strange new Chrome will fix it Smile
--Kill all the serial ports--
Wasn't working for me on chrome but just started working again yesterday.
My Home Theater/Automation Website

[THREAD=5957]BlueGlass CQC Config[/THREAD]
[THREAD=10624]Wuench's CQC Drivers[/THREAD]
Still not working for me on Chrome
I haven't had any problems since the major chrome update. fingers crossed.
--Kill all the serial ports--
Bummer. Still having issues with the new chrome.
--Kill all the serial ports--
Happened for me with Chrome today.
George M

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