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Serial Commands for Hunter Douglas Hub!
I have the serial commands created by Hunter for the PowerView motorized shades hub. I wanted to post them and get some ideas on how to use them with CQC. This would be a useful tool, as the PowerView shades are selling extremely well. My Hunter Douglas business is up 155% this year, thanks to PowerView.

The reason for this explanation is that I wanted to post the 4 page PDF document so I could seek advice on how to go about running HD shades with CQC. Seems I can't even post to the forum, let alone accomplish integration.

The document is about 53 KB and the forum limit is 19 KB. There's probably a whole other way to get it visible.

Any advice?
Try it again.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I'm wondering if someone can take a look at this and see what the possibilities are that Hunter Douglas PowerView Shades can be run from CQC.

The Hub has both serial and IP connections.

As you can tell, I'm clueless on serial.

.pdf   PowerView Hub Serial.pdf (Size: 51.35 KB / Downloads: 13)
How to go about it would depend on a couple things. The returned info on each scene is:

1. Room id
2. Scene id
3. Scene name

And for each room:

1. Room id
2. Room name

Are those scene and room names required to be unique? If so, that's sufficient to do have a couple ways of invoking them without requiring any configuration or setup by the user. The driver could just query all the rooms and scenes and set up these fields:

1. InvokeScene. An enumerated field that values of which are all of the scene names. Write one of the values to invoke the scene.
2. SetAllRoomScenes. It would be an enumerated field the values of which are all of the rooms. Select one of the values an all scenes associated with that room are invoked.
3. InvokeScenes. A write only string field to which you pass a comma separated list of scene names. All of those scenes will be invoked.

That would probably provide a fair bit of flexibility.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
One uses the PowerView App to set the Hub up, giving the Scenes and Rooms their names. The specific shades are then placed in either the Scenes or the Rooms or both, I believe.

It would also be necessary to operate the shades from CQC. I'm thinking in terms of both widgets and Events usage. The operation is fairly simple, it's up, down and stop for most shades. For some there also a command to open and close vanes.

On the Hunter PowerView App, there are two sliders, one vertical, one horizontal. Vertical for up and down, horizontal for operating vanes open and closed. The shades track the movement of the slider, but at their standard operating speed.

I'm thinking the most important feature for CQC would be the Open and Close so that Events could be used to operate the shades on a timed cycle for sun control.
The only control documented in that PDF file is to invoke scenes, nothing else. There's nothing in there about individual shade control. Nor is there anything about getting the status of shades.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Dean Roddey Wrote:The only control documented in that PDF file is to invoke scenes, nothing else. There's nothing in there about individual shade control. Nor is there anything about getting the status of shades.

OK, that's not surprising. Hunter's own "remote connect" doesn't do much more than that. They drag something fierce on developing this kind of stuff.

Your help has been valuable in confirming how elementary their work is at this point.

The one thing that might be useful would be the Scenes feature in CQC. That would be to use if in an Event for sun control, perhaps the most useful feature for home automation.
Dean Roddey Wrote:There's nothing in there about individual shade control.
From the doc - A Scene is a set of one or more shades of a particular shade type, located in a single Room, that are set to customized positions.

So if you put every shade as a single shade in a scene you get individual control.

Grouping in the hub is not needed when you use CQC as you can control any of them together with sequential commands.

Unless the shades are reporting position in some way there is never going to be any feedback possible. Most motors are just controlled with no indication of any sort (like the limits they have installed) fed back to the controller. The controller may try to track the position, but it can get out of whack if the shade/blinds etc are manually moved.
Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home
But a scene can only put a given shade to a single pre-defined position. So you'd still kind of be sort of limited to the point of uselessness in terms of individual shade control.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
depends on the limit of scenes

Scene1 (0) - LivingShadeOpen
Scene2 (1)- LivingShadeClosed
Scene3 (2)- LivingShadeHalfOpen
Scene4 (3)- KitcheShadeOpen
Scene5 (4)- KitchenShadeClosed
Scene6 (5)- KitchenShadeHalfOpen

It can be done, just clunky. With 65K of scenes available I don't think you will run out.

If a shade can reside in both a room and multiple groups then slightly better control could be achieved.

The generic serial driver could easily do this control if you can extract the scene ID's yourself or if the app gives them to you then you have them already.
If you need to ge them then use a terminal program (Hercules is my favourite) and send ?SL\r. You will get back a list of all scenes and names as you have configured in the app.

Then create a command button on your IV to send commands via the generic serial driver.
e.g. Open kitchen and living shades
?SE 0 3

Close both
?SE 1 4

I cant see any real limitations with it yet - just not streamlined or pretty to use.
Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home

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