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IVB testing, more folks jump on!
wuench Wrote:Do you mean an Optoma GT1080? There is no Epson model I can find with that name.

Yes, sorry. It is the optima.
George M
Fully converted to 5.x.. Everything driver wise working as well as it did before. Here is where I'm at with 5.0.908

- Sometimes the browse column is really hard to resize. Makes it hard to see the forest of trees.

- Wish the attribute panel was adjustable. Understanding that it can't.

- Really wish we could break away the tabs into standalone windows. Making it easier to work between two templates or bits of logic. Having two actions side by side can be very helpful especially when your troubleshooting. Can we run multiple Admin Interfaces? I am currently using VM's to get around this.

- Can we have more colour on the trees in the Browse column? Something to break it up a little... something. If I stare at it long enough I go cross eyed! Maybe based on category. I'm not sure what but something to make it a little easier to find stuff in the forest.

- If I double click on a button I want to see the actions window. Generally if I double click on anything I want to see the actions for it. 9 times out of 10 if I'm lost it's looking for the actions dialog.

- Something that would really help is a darker overall colour theme. Looking at Adobe Photoshop, Premier Pro or LightRoom for inspiration. All the white and text is hard on the eyes. Especially at night.

Still constantly fighting old habits. Where am I going.. what am I doing? Doah ..

Very stable no issues there!

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