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Wifi Thermostat Option
Here's another thermostat for folks to take a look at.

I started with the z-wave version (CT100), but z-wave is way to frustrating to use.

The CT50 is a wifi version.

The thermostat allows for local control, and there is an API available.

It's based on a simple REST type interface (so it does require polling).

I've used it for several weeks, and it's pretty solid as a thermostat.

One really nice feature, is that you can progamatically set the room temperature. So, for example, let's say you have two temperature sensors in different areas of a house. You can average those temperatures, send them to the thermostat, and the thermostat will use that termperature as the "room" temperature. This is very similar to the Ecobee functionality.

Overall it seems like an excellent option for CQC. Local, not cloud based. Simple wifi. All features exposed in the API. Would be a fairly easy driver to knock out if folks were interested.

if you build it, they will come?
do the needful ...
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I just saw that Nest (apparently, reportedly, according to the net) suffered a huge outage today, at a particularly inopportune time given the heat. Not sure what the details are, but there were various posts about it.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Must not be everywhere. Mine's been humming along normally all day.
I think I spoke too soon. Went to raise my cooling temperature and it doesn't raise. I think I got it done with my iPad app, perhaps just not with Alexa. Don't know for sure, but it's didn't work right so I assume that had to do with an outage.
It was to do with remote control of the thermostat.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Dean Roddey Wrote:It was to do with remote control of the thermostat.
Yes, it runs fine on my wifi iPad.

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