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Double Upgrade Advice?
I have purchased a new server.
My current CQC server is running 4.4.1

I have read the 4.8 upgrade guide.

It would seem that the safest thing to do is to get the new hardware up and running with 4.4.1 and THEN upgrade to 4.8 (So I can troubleshoot one set of issues at a time).

I browsed the forums a bit and here is what I glean:

Seems a bit easier if the new server has same name as old server. But I guess that means that I don't want them both running at the same time.

1. Stop all clients. Stop the cqc service on the master server.
2. zip the cqc directory and store it away to intranet accessible location
3. shut down old master server
4. boot new server
5. configure new server with name of old server
6. extract the zip file to the new server
7. run the 4.4.1 installer on the new server from cmd/admin, from directory containing the release notes.

Yes? No? Suggestions?

Yep, that would be the appropriate steps. One other thing is that you may want to change the name of the old machine before you shut it down, since when you bring it back up later (assuming you are still going to use it on the network) it's going to have the same name as the new one.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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