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Octava HDMI Matrix
Has anyone started using this product?

Can matrix switch 4K video from large number of inputs to large number of outputs over CAT6. I have the 4x8 matrix switcher and it works really well. They are going to give me a pretty sizable credit toward the purchase if I return my 4x8. I owned it less than 9 months before they discontinued it.

Don't think the current CQC driver will work with the new setup.
I didn't see any protocol info there.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Yeah, they haven't released it on the website. I asked if it was the same as the 4x8 and he said it was different, but I can't imagine by much. I'm going to purchase the new one and will obtain the documentation for the protocol.
I don't think this is a single product. They call it a video distribution solution. You have some number of transmitters and some number of receivers. A transmitter for each source and a receiver for each TV or output display. Then all your transmitters and receivers connect to the gigabit, managed ethernet switch. You accomplish the video matrix switching by reconfiguring the VLan assignments in the ethernet switch.
I have looked at one of these type of systems before. Switching is done by changing the VLAn of the port hence there is no protocol because you are not directly controlling their products.

This can be achieved by using the SNMP driver with CQC. I actually played with this not too long ago and was able to switch a port between VLans from my interface. Hardest part was finding the info for my switch on which OID to write too. Its probably the same OID for all switches too.

You obviously need a managed gigbait switch to do this kind of switching.
Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home
Okay. I now have the new system installed and have the manual which includes the telnet commands required to switch video. The switching is done at each Rcvr. Looks like the driver just need:

1. Telnet to the individual RX device
2. Follow the simple protocol to change the TX source it is listening to.

There are other commands available, but in general I'm guessing very few people would find them necessary or useful. The protocol info is in section 7.1. I would make the user define the IP address in case Octava decides to change their IP scheme away from the Microsoft reserved IP range. Already had a discussion with them on why that decision was made in the first place.

Here is a link to the manual: Manual

Overall I am happy with the picture on 1080p TV. I'm running over CAT-6 and CAT-5e cable with a patch panel in the middle. Switching is pretty quick and I've seen little to no glitches in video. Can't speak to the 4K performance, because I have not spent the money to go 4K on any of my televisions. Also, can't speak to any issues or limitations for a higher number of sources & receivers. I'm only running 2 x TX and 3 x RX.

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