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The Trackr - Room based occupation sensing possability
Heard an add for this yesterday. TheTrackr

So it looks like a great product but then I saw the TrakR Atlas. This is a plug in device for each room and can tell you which room your lost keys etc. are in.

If an API is available from them and you want to stick a TrackR to yourself you can get room presence detection and have CQC do stuff based on you being in or out of the room.

Something to watch I think. Its not quite there yet as its not designed to for detection of people rather objects with a tracker attached.
Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home
just wait for Xandem Home, or one of the other RTI companies to release. they will be much better for room based presence (no tracker necessary).
do the needful ...
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It seems trackr and tile are the market leaders right now.
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Not sure what this is exactly, but possibly of interest to you guys:
Dean Roddey
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