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Security video with CQC
I've been using CQC at home and for commercial customers for years but I've never needed to implement any security video cameras. My daughter is remodeling an older house and I would like to install a full blown CQC based automation system. I looked through the forum for recent posts about viewing security cameras with CQC and most of the posts are pre-2014.

So I would like to hear some of the success stories you guys have with security cameras. I would like to be able to view live video not just stills.

Some initial thoughts.

1. how about a $500 NVR with 6 cameras and view video through the NVR.
2. buy individual IP cameras. Most of the house will be opened up some I can run Cat5.
3. How about PTZ cameras.
4. Can live video be viewed with CQC RIVA on an iPad.
5. Is audio available on the CQC client.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


I use a Acti security camera (IP and analog). Its a few years old now hence the legacy analog signal from it.

It has built in motion detection and when triggered it will send a http get request to my CQC server.

Using this as a trigger I can alert to movement and do anything else since it is just a trigger in CQC.

Many are viewing live video on their CQC interface. Do a search to find some of the older threads about it. ITs basically embedding an ie frame in the IV. Audio should then be available as well if you can hear it in ie.

Most cheap DVR's will only send an e-mail on motion detection. There is an SMTP driver for CQC that could leverage the e-mail sent to trigger a triggered event.

Blue Iris has an APi that would have to have a driver written for it for CQC. Doable, just needs the person to do it.

No one has commented (that I remember) on PTZ control of a camera via CQC. Obviously if it is offered in the web interface then it will be available in the embedded ie window in the IV. They all predominately use RS485 so it should not he hard to do something with CQC.

Ideally you want a PVR that has the ability to control its output (i.e. which camera is displayed etc), Ethernet interface, motion detection and PTZ control. I don't know of any though.

Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home
Blue Iris will probably give you the greatest flexibility and you can't beat the price. You can certainly build a DVR in the $500 and run the software. I just added 2 HooToo IP indoor PTZ cameras to the 9 outdoor hard wired I have on my home.
Thanks guys.
BatWater, Do you have a script that allows you to view your HooToo Ip Camera feed from a CQC web browser widget. Thanks, Bryan
Sorry no I don't. Just got the cams a week ago, have them mapped in Blue Iris.
I'm still fighting to get my HooToo IP camera viewable in a CQC template. Probably because its not viewable in the internet explorer. I have a URL and script that works great in Chrome and Edge but not IE. If anyone has any thoughts on that, I would love to hear them. Otherwise, it looks like I'm going to give Blue Iris a try. If someone has a script that makes a Blue Iris camera viewable in CQC, I would really appreciate seeing that too. Thanks for all the help.
Bryan, sorry been away...

Okay, so I don't access the HooToo cameras directly, I do it through Blue Iris.

For the full display whatever you have mapped in Blue Iris, includes being able to play recorded clips this is the URL that you put in a web browser widget.

xttp://<blue iris server IP address:<port>/jpegpull.htm

so for example...


You can also select individual cameras from this interface.

For a single image (you will have to tell the template to refresh)


LAN security for Blue Iris will have to be turned off.

I have not figured out how to get a single camera to stream with this URL syntax, CQC keeps wanting to save a file. I think it has to do with the fact that IE requires a plugin to stream video whereas Chrome and virtually every other browser known to man has mjpeg streaming built in. In all likelihood you could create additional "jpegpull" html files that were configured for each camera but I have not played with that.

Above mjpeg issue with IE is why you can't get the HooToo camera to show up in the CQC web widget. I know using Blue Iris adds additional complexities but the flexibility and usability it affords can't be beat for the price. Additionally the PTZ controls are available to you in the jpegpull.htm screen if the HooToo is selected. Can't beat that!

Yes I agree. IE wants to save the file instead of displaying it. OK it's not something I'm doing wrong if you're having the same problem.

Dean, we could use some help here. How about a video player widget? Maybe a widget that could display a RTSP stream?
That's a large type undertaking, so it couldn't be done any time soon.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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