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How To Configure SmartThings as Primary ZWave Controller
(07-22-2019, 01:10 PM)Dean Roddey Wrote: The downside of ST is that it doesn't know it's just a master controller, so it's going to be banging on the devices as well, assuming it is the automation controller. Given that Z-Wave is touchy enough, the Leviton software has the benefit of being completely passive and just a master controller.

I have a ST V3 Hub and don't see much traffic from the ST Hub.
here is a Z-wave packet trace from the ST Hub to one device.
Not sure if this is true for all versions of the ST hub but looks like a Poll time of 15 minutes for each device.
Device 1 is ST hub
Device 10 is my is Living room light
Device 24 is my front porch light

[Image: o6a0xHr.jpg]
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Doesn't look too bad. One thing that may also be an issue is that not a lot but too many Z-Wave devices only have one association slot. Something that thinks it's the primary controller may decide that that belongs to him and take it over periodically as a way of automatically 'fixing' a problem in the network. Not sure if STs does that or not.
Dean Roddey
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