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Question on the Blank Screen Feature
I have had the two lines below in my IV, and I am thinking that I don't have them correct, although this was the way I understood to do this:

IntfViewer::SetBlankOpts(5000000, , )

What I have are two touchscreens, both running the same IV, and the code above loads in the [OnLoad] section.

The way I have set both of these up is to turn on a photo show screen saver after 10 minutes, and then in the Windows power settings to turn off the monitor at 1 hour.

What invariably happens is I touch the screen after the screen is off, then I get a backlight black screen, and then I touch it again, and it activates that touch on whatever is hiding behind it.

How can I prevent it from doing this? Am I using the commands above wrong, or perhaps I shouldn't be using that with the Windows power saver feature?
What CQC and Windows version are you on? There was some work on this front in the 4.7 time frame due to (I think Win8 and beyond) acting differently wrt to how the screen has to be woken up. I thought that had dealt with these types of issues.

Are you maybe also having the Windows blanker kick in? There's not really a need for that in this case, and it might be complicating things.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I am using Windows 7 Pro and CQC 4.8.0.

I am now rereading the documentation, and it looks like I shouldn't have used (ShowBlanker) as that is for the slide show you provided within CQC. I am not using that one but a 3rd party one, and I don't have any photos in the directory \User\CQC\Blanker\. It sounds like I should use (DisplayOff) instead, in order to turn the display off. Would this take the place of Power settings in Windows?

What I want it to do, is:

1) Display CQC for 83 seconds
2) Play the 3rd party slide show for 1 Hour
3) Turn the Display off.

On 2) and 3) above, I want it to capture my touch on the touchscreen, turn on the monitor, and then let me do something else.
You could invoke our slide show blanker, and set an OnTimeout to kick in after an hour to turn off the display I guess. That would get rid of the need for the third party guy, who might be confusing things.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I went ahead and set up my starting template with this:

IntfViewer::SetTimeout(300, True)

And then in the [OnTimeout] section, have it call this:


But when the timeout is reached, it generates this message:

CQCDataSrv, CQCDataSrv_IntfServerImpl.cpp.1983, Failed/Not Found, Error: 6005/0/0
    The passed interface template path was not fully qualified. Path=.\BL-Main

I figured this might be a bug, just passing this one along. Anyway I went ahead and put a fully qualified path in there, and now it doesn't throw an error.
Current, if you are reloading the main template, it requires a fully qualified path. It's only things loaded by the main template (and other stuff loaded by the main temlpate, recursively) that can use relative paths. It could see if there is currently already a main template and go relative to that, but at the time when this was done I missed that possibility and was only thinking of things loaded after that.

That can be dealt with here eventually.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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