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ISY Driver not picking up switch
I replaced my garage Insteon dimmer with a On/Off switch as I don't want the lights dimmable. In the ISY admin, I could not use the replace command since it switched from dimmer to on/off (at least I think thats why). So, I deleted the old Garage switch and then renamed my new one to Garage. Works great in ISY controlling it but not CQC's ISY driver has no entry, SW or DIM, with the garage name. I reconfigured ISY driver to get it to pick up new config but no luck. Any ideas on how to resolve? Is there an issue with a "2477S Dual Band Switchlinc On/Off Switch v.45"?
That's not one currently understood by the driver. I wasn't sure what it was. What does the 'dual band' bit mean? Is it just a single off/on switch? Actually it shows up as a relay in the Insteon info. If so, and we add it, you'll have to mark it (as per the ISY driver docs) as really being a switch.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
The dual band bit means that it is both powerline and wireless communication. Yes, it is just a single on/off switch. My lights in the garage are fluorescent and I don't want to have a dimmer controlling them, just want on/off.

It doesn't show up under RELY either.

How long to be able to fix this? I rely on having control of the garage lights via CQC for numerous triggers/actions. I no longer have any garage door lights, just the overhead. Having this out is going to get me in trouble with the wife very quickly Smile

Here is the switch at Smarthome -
This this 4.8.3 version:

As mentioned, it shows up as a relay from the ISY, so you'll have to mark it as a light using the comments trick documented in the V2 ISY driver. Assuming I found the right one in the long list of models, this one should pick it up.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Cool. All better now

Thanks Dean!

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