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how deep is your (echo voice control) love?
most of the bluetooth adapters will auto re-pair/re-connect, so even if you ask it to disconnect to use the internal speaker, it will auto connect BT again.
do the needful ...
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Nevermind, figured it out. Dumb question.
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IVB or anyone with multiple Echos, when you send a voice response back from CQQ do all of your echos speak or does only the one that originated the voice request?
It goes back to the one that originated the request.
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I received my Dot this week, and love the size and functionality. Yes the speakers are very "tinny", but am using it in the bedroom, and not for music. I am going to buy another for my office.
Yep, Alexa dot is perfect for the bedroom for me.

I used to reach for the insteon remote on a cold weekend morning and hit the wake button half a dozen times until the furnace came on. And then there were the times it was out of juice, or just didn't work for some reason. Now it's just "Alexa, turn on heat"... "Alexa, what time is it?" "Alexa set an alarm for ..."
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Now that I have a couple of DOT's in addition to the Echo, I was curious if anyone was doing this - using a different key word for different rooms in the house.


- for the bedroom say "Alexa, Tell Bedroom to.."
- for the family room say "Alexa Tell Family to..."

The reason I wanted to do this, is because my commands for being in the bedroom while watching TV would be different to change the channel than it would be in the family room - i.e. different DirectTV box.
There's nothing that comes back to us that would let us know which one was triggered, AFAIK. You'd have to have multiple Amazon accounts and multiple CQC web servers (each on a different port) in order to be able to differentiate I think.
Dean Roddey
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