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Your experience with internal security cameras?
Now that I have my new ISY handling my Z-Wave very well, I'm ready to start messing with something else.

I don't have specific need for a security camera but, I'd like to start fooling around with one to use inside. Every one I check out has a list of negatives as well as positives. Like many people, I check out the 1 star comments to see what the bottom end of the issues are. Seems there are plenty of negative comments for anything I look at in the low price range. I want to stay in the low price range as this is more of a plaything to see what use it might be than it is a serious usage.

Access wise, I have the following Hubs in service: Hue, Smarthings, Insteon, as well as the ISY.

May shopping list:

Remote Pan and Tilt
Higher Resolution (why have it if your can see there faces?)
Table top mount
Remote access (iPhone & iPad, Windows on MS Surface)

I'm just wondering if anyone has discovered anything in the lower price class that meets these requirements. I realize for an el cheapo budget for this project, I'll have to give up something (maybe everything.:-))

I haven't ever used anything like this before, so everything is new news to me.

I have this one:

works great. Doesn't go via a hub, just direct. It has an android & iOS app. $105, free shipping if you have prime.
Some of my devices: Sonos, Aeotec zWave, Nest, Rain8Net, Various H/T
What's next: CQC-Voice, Brultech GEM
My vlogs:
Thanks IVB.
im a fan of the Dropcam/Nest Cam. it has a fee if you want DVR, but its low-light ability is really good. the new Nest v2 driver supports the cam so you can put snapshots into your interfaces.
do the needful ...
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