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2 windows from single sensor?
im trying to figure out the best way to handle my double windows. can i use a single window sensor and split the external contact to 2 magnets?

i have this thing, which has the ability to add external magnets like these guys.

i cant see how it would matter if the wire just splits off to 2 sensors. it should trip if either are open, right? which would be exactly what i want.
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You should be able to make it work. Sounds like you want to add in 2 external sensors right? If doing that you would have to wire those in series so that the Z-wave module sees a normally closed circuit when windows are closed. Opening either or both windows would then break the circuit and cause an alarm condition.
yeah, thats exactly what im trying to do. no point in isolating it by window when its really a single 'window' with 2 sashes.

i went ahead and ordered this 10 pack. it'll be here monday, so we'll see how it works with these Linear sensors.
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Exactly. I do the same with wired sensors. Didn't want to waste multiple zones on my Elk for 2 smaller panes of glass in the same window area...
I used use jeweler's flat head screwdrivers to round out the hole by the screw down posts. You'll be able to see a bit of a round dimple where the plastic is thinner. I started with a small head and just progressed to bigger until the hole was rounded out to the full size of the thin area (which lines up with the terminals.) Loosen the set screws, make sure you have just enough bare wire to shove into the terminals. If you line them up and push both in at the same time (assuming that you're not using 2 separate wires) it's easy to get the wires in and tightened down. I've read multiple posts about people disassembling one of these to add the wire and crabbing about how hard it is to add the external sensor, it's not.
thanks. i can see the dimple on these ones, so that should be easy enough.

do you think the terminals are large enough for 2 wires in each?
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I have two magnets on my double hung windows. Same reason as mentioned, I didn't want to waste inputs. I connected them in series because it was either the window was open (top sash0 or the windows was open (bottom sash).

So unless you want to know exactly which part of the window is open just wire them in series.

If you use EOL resisters, you could probably get discrete status of each magnet, but the alarm may not work properly against the zone.
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jkmonroe Wrote:thanks. i can see the dimple on these ones, so that should be easy enough.

do you think the terminals are large enough for 2 wires in each?

2 very small wires in each or make pig tails, just run 2 in and then wire the 2 separate magnets together outside of the box.
I am also trying to wire an external switch to a door sensor. Using GoControl door sensor and want to connect to mailbox to trigger a notification when mail arrives. The mailbox is only 2.5 car lengths from house but because of the metal in the box it does not trigger it when sensor is installed INSIDE the box. So I attempted to add an external switch but have not been able to get it to work with the GoControl (On Wink hub)

First I tried just using 2 wires and touching them to trip from closed to open. That didn't trigger it open or closed. So I ordered a switch.(odd because it should just open/close the circuit)

Today I discovered the switch I had purchased for this was a type "A" switch which is "normally open". I just ordered a "normally closed" switch (TYPE B) as the sensor manual says to use.

I have ordered another switch from a company called Everspring, to see if that will work. Curious to learn various home automation alternatives for mailbox setting. I have seen photo (light) sensors, motion sensors. cameras, and such, but many are direct wired. The z-wave sensor with external wire is the perfect solution to automate it.

Trying to troubleshoot this and can't quite figure out why it wouldn't work.

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