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Opinions on laptop
In that I anticipate being stuck with the VRUSB as a primary controller for some time, I'm thinking I need to purchase a portable PC with Windows 7 to replace my failing IBM Thinkpad with XP.

It will not be used for any other purpose.

I'd appreciate any opinions anyone has on this unit. I chose it over a larger screen as I don't need larger and this one weighs half as much as the larger screen models.

I'd probably suggest one of the Lenovo business laptops if looking for something with the best build quality. That computer seems fine except for the horribly low resolution screen (1366x768), only mitigated by the fact it is such a small screen. Realize that your lower quality screens use lower resolution and you'll understand why I search for my computers based off of screen resolution more than just about any other criteria. Pretty much all computers use similar components, the processor is easy to deduce, memory is pretty standard, hard drive is usually slow. But where computer manufacturers really cut corners is the screen and this can't be upgraded like a hard drive can.

Whatever you do, as soon as you get it, reinstall Windows fresh. I just had to rebuild my aunt's new Dell because it was running so slow. I tried uninstalling most of the crap Dell installs by default but it was still sluggish. It is running fine with a fresh install of Windows.

I'd also suggest purchasing an SSD as that will make the biggest difference in the performance of your computer. Of the main three computer components; processor, memory, hard drive; a mechanical hard drive is by far the slowest component and therefore the greatest benefit in being upgraded to a solid state disk.

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