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Smart Things Hub Discussion
The Vera Plus looks interesting. Thanks for bringing it to the surface. I love a good war brewing to be the best on the market.

I'm dead in the water on Z-Wave control with my Leviton VR controller and interface out of the picture, so I have to move on something this week. No waiting until February for me.

So far, the ISY is looking like the strongest thing going on today's market, but I'm holding off ordering as additional posts and recommendations get made. I don't want to overlook possibilities.
FYI, Vera has an open and LOCAL API. i would guess it would be similar to the ISY, but something to think about since it might be a way for BTLE, Zigbee, and ZWave (again) to get into the system.
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I hear a lot of complaints about Vera, but of course it's always hard to get a feeling for what those types of things really mean.
Dean Roddey
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A year or so I had a Vera. It took me about 10 minutes to decide to send it back.
but if we could use it as nothing more than radios access via a local API, who cares how crappy the software is?
do the needful ...
Hue | Sonos | Harmony | Elk M1G // Netatmo / Brultech
FYI, just created a formal request on ST's forums to make go better
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Someone posted this headline on Reddit:

Quote:Telink Semiconductor Launches World's First All-in-One System-on-Chip for the Internet of Things - Supports Bluetooth Smart, BLE Mesh, 6LoWPAN, Thread, Zigbee, RF4CE, HomeKit and 2.4GHz proprietary standard support in a single SoC

If someone created a wee box containing that chip and a good low level interface protocol for automation systems to use, it could be pretty interesting.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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