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this is another example of where it would be more beneficial to pull the metadata versus directly controlling it. control it how you natively would, and let CQC grab the information about what's playing from the chromecast itself.
do the needful ...
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Reviving an old thread.....

Was a Chromecast driver ever developed? I'm in the process of ditching my Sonos systems and going with a bunch of Chromecast Audio (CCA) devices. In two rooms the CCAs will be connected to AV receivers. At this time all I need from a CCA driver would be the ability to detect that it's on or playing something. I could then use this information to turn on/off the AV receiver. This would be really useful when using voice commands to start music playback.
No, I never really dug into that. I'll try to take another poke at it before long.
Dean Roddey
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That'd be great. I know there's probably a desire by others to have more functionality, but at this time I'm only looking for the ability to determine if the CCA is currently playing anything.
Any movement on this? I am in a similar boat. I'd like to retire AirPlay in favor of Chromecast for mobile device streaming.

Would any of this possible?
- Metadata in CQC
- Album art in CQC
- The ability to arbitrarily stop playback on the Chromecast
- Transport control from CQC
So, all I would need to do is buy one of those $35'ish Chromecast doodads in order to play around with this?
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Yes sir, and if you don't like the idea of it eating up WiFi bandwidth there is this cool power adapter..

Chromecast ethernet adapter

You can then cast/trigger it via Chrome browser, YouTube, Spotify, Plex, Netflix, and some others. I'm mainly using it for Spotify and YouTube from an iOS device. I've heard it works with Android devices too Wink

It's been very reliable and light weight on mobile device side. The client just sends the link to the Chromecast to be rendered. There is no data streaming between the mobile device and the Chromecast. Pretty slick.. Unfortunately that means if no one stops the thing it will run forever. I always catch it running suggested YouTube videos after someone has been using it and didn't hit stop.

I'm currently power cycling it to stop it.
Don't get the 4k one unless you want 4k. They are pretty much the same otherwise.
Is there any chance a chromecast driver would also work with android tv? or any cross pollination would be possible to control android tv?
Bump for this! Can we have a control driver for the ChromeCast? Ideally one that could pass a url to the ChromeCast device as well as transport control. Even just a stop command would be a start. Thank you, thank you..

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