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Best way to add a freezer sensor with CQC?
First, most of my setup is Insteon, with some via my Elk M1. I want to add a sensor in my deep freeze in the garage to both (a) report temperature regularly for monitoring and (b) alert if the temp gets too high. What is teh best way to do this? I was going to use but as soon as I put a sensor in the freezer it's unable to communicate and report temperature. Any other suggestions?
If you had something with separate sensor and transmitter, and the wire between them was small, you could just let it sit between the seals when the door is closed (assuming that wouldn't cut it somehow.) Or something that could go hard wired back to the Elk and similarly able to just let the sensor cable go into the freezer.
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If you are ok running the wire the Elk temp sensors work great with CQC. I have one in my attic. If it were me I would probably just drill a hole for the probe wire and caulk it, if there wasn't another way to fish it through an existing opening or panel. I would probably investigate around where the power comes in and see if there is a way in there first.
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