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zwave device configuration
If they are battery powered, then you aren't going to get anything until the first time it wakes up. That's just the nature of battery powered devices. There's no way to talk to it. If you restart the driver, then it can't get any info from them until they wake up again. And of course if you do something like recycle the driver trying to make it work again, it's not going to help, though it won't make it any worse unless you happened to it at the moment that a device happened to have awakened.

In some cases, like with the lock state, if they are beaming devices, it can query the lock state. Maybe it could get the other info in some cases for beaming devices, but maybe not, so currently it doesn't try to do so for battery powered devices.

Some of them have fairly long wakeup periods. Where I know it's configurable, I have the auto-config speed it up somewhat, but you can't make it too fast or it'll eat up batteries very fast.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
One lock is now reporting battery status, the other is not. This was rock solid until I touched the zwave network, go figure.
Most likely one you hit the wakeup period first, and the other is yet to happen.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
jkmonroe Wrote:ok. i have the aeotec minimote showing up tomorrow, as well as a smartthings.

i had no idea the minimote was a primary controller.
I just got my Minimote and upgraded the firmware. I have no idea why I bought it or what I want to do with it, but it's kind of neat and was fairly cheap.

I'm thinking of using it only for the 4 buttons once I decide what I might want to access with them. I have CQC doing all of the lifting these days other than when I run home theater stuff from my iPad, so there isn't a big need for the remote.

For most singular Actions I can now use Alexa and ST.

I like this version 1 better than the newer one as the buttons are plainly marked 1 through 4, which I don't believe are on the newer version. I've upgraded the firmware, so that turns it into the new version.
the minimote can be programmed as a scene controller with 8 distinct button presses.

so each button has a short press and a long press. could be configured to control 8 scenes, or 4 on/off anything.
do the needful ...
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jkmonroe Wrote:the minimote can be programmed as a scene controller with 8 distinct button presses.

so each button has a short press and a long press. could be configured to control 8 scenes, or 4 on/off anything.
That's what I was hoping for. Mine's on the charger now so I'll mess with it in the morning.

My next dilemma is to whether decide to move on getting the laptop to run the VRUSB. With my luck, I'll order it and the next day Leviton will announce an upgrade to Windows 10, then I can run it on my existing MS Surface.

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