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New server - what OS (2015)
kayemsi Wrote:The infection was blamed on the outdated OS
Nice! Witchcraft still exists?

But yes, works fine on Win10 for me. You'll have to do some witchcraft to disable the updates, but other than that its been fine here.
--Kill all the serial ports--
Does anyone know if there are drivers for the MOXA card for Win10? I also have to find a new PC with the right slot for it as well.
Likely the Win7 drivers will work, but poke around and make sure first.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
The master server PC had to have it's hard drive wiped and rebuilt from scratch. It currently has a clean WinXP but no application software installed yet. I will have to install the software for the ELK, Russound, Centralite, etc, plus CQC. I found a really old CQC backup (2012), and ELK database on an old external HD. I can't find any newer backup I am have made., so far.

I am wondering if I should install all the software (including the old version of CQC that matches that backup) and try to restore the backups and then upgrade them until I get to the latest version that support WinXP. Then upgrade the OS to Win10.

Or is it best to upgrade the OS first, before installing any applications?
For CQC, it doesn't too much matter. You don't have to actually make CQC run before you upgrade it. So you could get to Win10, put back the backup and don't try to install that version. Just run the installer for recent version you want to use. As long as the old version is 4.x or beyond, you don't have to do any interim installs or anything.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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