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New server - what OS (2015)
I have to build up a new server for a friends CQC system. His old IBM finally dies after many years.

I am going to use a HP microserver because it has the 4 drive bays for RAID like functionality that will suit him nicely.

Problem is I am not sure what OS to use.

Do I go Win10, or stay with Win8.1?

Does CQC have an issue with any of these and which one do you guys recommend?

I think Server OS is out of the question as it is too much money and reading the net indicates that W8.1 has a lot of the functionality that Windows Home Server had. I am assuming that W10 will carry that forward as well.

Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home
I've had it on win10 for about 3 months. No CQC problems.

I have noticed some annoying file sharing issues with win8 and win10. They are probably fixable but I haven't looked into them.

Oh, and the windows updates. That still irks me.

I don't run media services on it, so can't comment on that.

Digi port server drivers worked.
--Kill all the serial ports--
re: file sharing - win10 requires authenticated SMB, has a funky implementation of SMBv3 (3.0.2 and 3.1.1), and does strange things with encrypted SMB.

it's such a pain in the ass to get working that i've basically given up while I wait for Server2016.
do the needful ...
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I'm running Server 2012 r2. Once it's set up I've had no issues. Prior to that used windows 8.1 and had no issue there either. There are a few configuration changes needed depending on what and how you have things setup but once you get your install sorted you can't go wrong with either OS.
Something else to keep in mind for W10. Probably not an issue for new hardware but if you get into something a little older there may not be drivers. I've found it a bit haphazard with different PCs of similar age even.
NightLight Wrote:I'm running Server 2012 r2. Once it's set up I've had no issues. Prior to that used windows 8.1 and had no issue there either. There are a few configuration changes needed depending on what and how you have things setup but once you get your install sorted you can't go wrong with either OS.

It's the cost of the OS that is the problem though. If both the desktop and server version of the same age windows are going to do the same job, how do you justify the expense. If you use some of the functionality of the server OS then there is an argument for it, but otherwise?

WHS was the good middle ground but now that it is gone its a little hard to justify.

This install is just to host CQC and nothing much more so the simplest OS possible is best (hence a linux CQC master server actually makes a lot of sense with windows clients - but thats another story)
Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home
The justification was that I wanted server grade hardware and so drivers dictated that I use server OS. It's rare to see servers with workstation driver support. I wanted redundant everything, enterprise grade RAID, and as much as 2012 R2 and 8.1 are the same OS downunder. I would still say Microsoft pays a little closer attention to server OS as far as keeping it reliable and secure.

If you buy a server you can get OEM Server 2012 Foundation usually for next to nothing ie: you find a good deal on hardware and generally the OS is pretty much free. For instance I just ordered a Lenovo Thinkserver discounted to about $600 and it came with foundation. Fairly low spec server but brand new with a warrant and enterprise grade components and drives.

That said I've never had an issue with my Win7 or Win8/8.1 CQC servers. All have worked flawlessly.

Re:Linux Just a note. On my last iteration I decided to consolidate a machine I was using for a touch screen in the kitchen to the server instead of a standalone client. Allows me to run one less computer 24/7 and gives me quick access to my server from the touchscreen in the kitchen. So far it was a win win. Server 2012 supports touch just like 8 does. Very well.
I was hoping for a deal where server OS was included, but alas there was nothing available for the HP microserver at the time.

There are site showing W8/10 installed on these machines where they use the server drivers in the plain windows installation with great success.

This install uses a touch screen attached to the server so there is only the one PC running as well.
Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home
My WinXP CQC Master Server just got infected with the crypto virus, even with up to date Anti-Virus software, so I will be starting over from scratch. :-x

The infection was blamed on the outdated OS, so I will have to go to a new OS. My MS hardware is 7+ years old (plus even older MOXA card for serial ports), so I am trying to decide on getting a new machine that comes with Win10 or finding a copy of Win7 and rebuilding the machine I have.

The old server was also the theater room PC, but it is now less of a concern that the new CQC master server fill that function also.

I was hoping to get some thoughts on using Win10 for the MS and also on what hardware specs to look for.
I've not used WIn10 for a CQC machine yet, but as a general OS and development OS I'm quite happy with it. One downside I guess is that it tends to install updates whether you want them or not. Though, as a server machine that you hardly ever log into, it wouldn't have much chance to do that. You'd have to disable it from automatically restarting in order to install updates.
Dean Roddey
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