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No way to just pullin all lights from a driver for Room Configuration?
From what I can tell, in the "Edit Auto-generation info" dialog, you have to manually add each and every light in your driver to the Lighting Load Information. Shouldn't you be able to just point it at the ISY V2 Driver and tell it to pull in all lights and have it be smart enough to pick the dimmers for ones that have it and the switches for ones that don't have dimmers? I have 40+ ISY switches and it seems painful to have to add them one by one.
That could probably be done, though the point of configuring them is kind of to encourage the use of generic names instead of using the direct field names. The auto-generation system works in terms of the configured names, not the actual fields, so that the actual fields used can change over time, without affecting the auto-generation.

It's something I can consider for 5.0, where I'm making a lot of those types of changes.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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