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multiple computer install question
Lots of you guys have done this already so this should be simple to answer I hope.

If I want to install pieces of CQC on several different PCs, do I need to use the same download and install key, or do I download a new copy for each PC and register multiple copies?

the "key" only needs to be done once. After that, when you install on future PCs, you'll never get that nag screen. It registers itself with the Master Server, and given that CQC is a whole-house license, there's no need to do it again.

BTW, don't forget about using CQC_USERNAME and CQC_PASSWORD environment variables if you don't want to get the "username/pw" screen on starting up the CQC apps.
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i'm sure this is a very newb question, but how exactly do i go about setting the environment variables for username and password?
dman000000 Wrote:i'm sure this is a very newb question, but how exactly do i go about setting the environment variables for username and password?

Buried under the learn tab...

[URL= Wrote:Can I use CQC in a low security environment?

Some users will not want to make use of CQC's security features, or will want to minimize its impact. For those installations, CQC allows you to set a user name and password in the Windows environment, and it will be used automatically. So the user will not see the logon dialog and will go straight into the program (if they have sufficient privilege to do so.)

If you wish to use this feature, set the following environment variables:[INDENT]SET CQC_USERNAME=xxx

[/INDENT]where xxx is the user name and yyy is the password, both case sensitive. You can set these in the environments of individual Windows user accounts, to allow each user to log in as a separate CQC account, or you can just create one CQC account and set up all Windows environments to use that same account.
Then I am a newb too...

Right Click "My Computer" => Properties => Advanced => Environment Variables

The click the "New" button depending on whether you want to have them available to only the current user or all users System Variables).
I apparently misunderstood the question. Sad What he said.
Thanks! I saw the "SET" commands but just had no clue how to do that in Windows...
SET only sets a variable within the open command prompt window. Those changes are not visible outside that command prompt.
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