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One ring to rule them all. Does it really exists?
I'd rather not get started. Not watching TV has been a huge benefit in my life over the last fifteen'ish years I guess, so best not to let technology seduce me back into it under a different name.
Dean Roddey
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i know. we cut the cord back in 2008, got it again in January and the TV has been on ever since.
do the needful ...
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I used to be a non TV'er myself. Once, in a group walk down to the cafeteria during grad school, everyone was chatting about characters from Seinfeld. I held my tongue as to not appear ignorant, even though the story seemed terribly interesting. I finally had to ask: "Is George one of the new first years? Who's his advisor since I haven't met him yet". The silence was near deafening, then the laughter was. Then one of my classmates came to my rescue and commented about how many extra hours a week I had to study or work. I held my tongue as I confessed to myself that all those extra hours just went to my sailing obsession on the weekends.

Moral: TV is a black hole for time, just like the Internet. Use with caution.
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TV is getting to be as good as movies now-a-days. Go watch Daredevil on Netflix and see if you can walk away :-) You'd be much better off watching that TV show than the stupid Ben Affleck movie. Kingpin deserves a friggin Oscar.

I really don't see much difference between doing one or the other if you get your TV on demand. If anything a TV show might be better for you time-wise because you don't have to commit to a two hour plot line.

I am a TV junkie. Sickbeard+Plex is an awesome combination.
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rtarver Wrote:FWIW, I couldn't break it last night with about 15 minutes of playing. I'll see how the lights do tonight (scheduled events).
rule #1, things will never break when you have the time and will power to fix them.... so just wait till a time when having it break will be the most inconvenient/embarrassing/etc....
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