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New Amazon Echo Support
Are you sure you've got the latest changes loaded? Do a load configuration command just to make sure.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
While I was waiting for a response, I added another line for bedroom lights, reloaded, and saw the same behavior. Then I decided to try my system status query (which was added yesterday sometime before many subsequent reloads)

Alexa, ask Jarvis what is the system status

and I got this:

12/16 17:10:11-CQC-MASTER, CQCWebSrv, CQCWebSrvWorkerThread2
    CQCWebSrvC, CQCWebSrvC_EchoHandler.cpp.809, Status/App Status
    Key=xxxxxx, Intent=CQCQueryIntent, Phrase=system status, Value=


Here is my entire config file:


    Action=\User\Echo\Good Night
        Goodnight, Good Night, Night Mode

        Family, Family Lights, Family Room Lights
        Bedroom, Bedroom Lights, Bed Room Lights

        Today, Weather Forecast, Today's Weather, Today's Forecast
        Tomorrow, Tomorrow's Weather, Tomorrow's Forecast
        Status, system status
I think that the line logged by the web server is showing you the literal value you got. If you want to see what got to your actual handler, you'd need to put a System::LogMsg command in there.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
You are correct, and further - my code is working now. I don't know what I did wrong or what I did to fix it but thanks for the help anyway and sorry for the confusion.

The text to numbers macro you wrote is a great asset for Echo actions! :-)
As I continue adding actions, I've run into an issue that I can't think of a way to solve.

Right now, I have this action:

        Bedroom Temperature, Master Bedroom Temperature, Bed Room Temperature, Master Bed Room Temperature
This is in the QueryMap section and let's me ask for the bedroom temperature. Now I want to add an action to the SetMap that would let me set the bedroom temperature, but I can't use the logical choice for a target since they have to be unique across the entire config file (ideally I'd be able to say Alexa - ask Jarvis to set the bedroom temperature to 70).

Has anyone else run into this? If so, how did you address it?
Does it really have to be unique across the whole thing, are only between the query, run, and set scenarios? It's too late to look at it right now, but I would have thought I'd look at the intent type and decide which of the sections I should look through.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
That seems logical, but I hadn't tried it because the document says:

All of the values in all of the target lines in the whole file must be unique.

I just tried it though, and it works as you described. You might want to re-word the document just a bit.
I'm making good progress this afternoon on CML macros for Echo. Being able to use CML makes for a flexible and powerful solution. Well done Dean!
I updated the docs for the next release.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I've gotten most of the way to getting the Echo integration working with SSL.  I got the certificate loaded, and had someone external hit the server to confirm that all looked good.  Then I went to the AWS console and updated the Lambda JS to use 443 and https. 

Once I did that though, I get the message "There was a problem with the requested skills response".  I changed it back to http and my other port and it's working again.  Has anyone else run into this?  If so, any advice?

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