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Need some details about OnPress/OnRelease in Upgrade
We are looking at upgrading from version 4.3.916 to 4.7.1 and have a question about the OnPress/OnRelease Events after the upgrade.

If there currently are OnPress/OnRelease events what happens to them during the upgrade? Are they converted to different types of events, are they deleted or do they just not run? Do they error out?

We need details about what would happen with these events before we can determine if we can do an upgrade immediately.
It's not that they go away completely. Those things that are draggable (slider, input enabled progress bar) still have them, since those are press, move, release. But for those widgets (basically command type buttons and its derivatives like special action buttons) that really only exists to be clicked, they only have the single OnClick now.

What will happen is that the commands that were in OnPress/OnRelease will get moved to OnClick, so that they don't get removed, and are still there so that you can possibly then move them somewhere else, or whatever needs to be done. The OnPress commands will be moved to before the existing OnClick command and the OnRelease commands will be moved to after the existing OnClick commands.

So, in theory, it still should pseudo work, but will happen all in one shot, when you release without dragging (i.e. do a click type operation.) I don't remember anyone saying that didn't work for them, but of course it's been some time since all of that happened.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
For that large a system, and that big a version jump, it would probably be worth setting up a temporary test scenario. Or, do it by shutting down the all clients, upgrade the master server, test it there to make sure it seems to be working, then roll out the remainder of the upgrades, bringing each client back on line as you upgrade it.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Since we have to upgrade the OS on all of the installations also, we will most likely do a master server, and then run the test like you suggest. We will get together tomorrow and discuss it.

Thanks again for the quick answers.

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