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CML-Embedded Quotes in a String
How would I embed a quote in a string class in CML, for example:

String mystring;

mystring := "He said, "you did it now""

A single quote won't do me any good.

What I am really trying to do is create a macro (based of the swizzleurl) that puts out a javascript that has lines like:

WebOutput += ' CLASSID="CLSIDBig GrinE625294-70E6-45ED-B895-CFFA13AEB044" ';

That I want to encapsulate in a string and output to the web widget.
You'll may have trouble until the next release (2.0.1) because it was discovered that there was an issue with escape characters in strings. What you are wanting to do may not be screwed up, but probably it is. So try using \" to escape the quote. If it works, it works. Else, you'll have to hold on for a couple weeks for the next drop. It's already been fixed in my working code.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Ahhh... thanks Dean, I tried \" and it didn't work. I forgot about the escape problem. I can wait.

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