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Generic socket trigger mappings?
I want to play around with the generic socket trigger driver for a very simple device I have (and also for a serial device). I have installed the driver, and read the documentation, but I can't find out how to bring up the client interface so that I can do receiver mappings. Can anyone help?
This device sends out serial strings that you want to react to? If so, then all of the trigger drivers share a common interface, IR/RF receiver drivers, serial and socket triggiers, and HTTP trigger drivers. So check the driver docs for the IR/RF drivers.

In terms of loading the interface, it's a standard client side driver interface, which you load in the Admin Interface. There's a tutorial video about them that you can watch (first section, Client Side Drivers.) They all are loaded the same way, so once you've done one, it works the same for others.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I totally spaced on how these were done (even though I use the HAI and Variables ones all the time). I'm good now - thanks Dean!

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