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Sizing templates on PC screen
I have my remote templates set for the iPad 3 size (2048) which works on the iPad as it should. However, when I want to use the Template Editor or Template Viewer on my PC, the Template is significantly larger than my 27" monitor. I must be doing something wrong. The monitor's native resolution is 1920 x 1080, not that far off of Ipad, but the Template is at least 50%or more larger than my monitor.

Is there a solution to adjust the iPad size resolution windows down for editing work on a PC?

I hope this is clear. I frequently use the wrong terminology to describe these issues.
The editor is just displaying pixels as is. So if it's 50% larger, then it would seem like the templates would have to be either larger than 2048 or the monitor isn't running full resolution. Of course some of it is taking up by borders and scroll bars and title bar and status bar and all that as well. So you are giving up a good bit on the editing machine to begin with.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I will admit this has been rather confusing to me to figure out. I've confirmed that the monitor is running at 1920x1080. With the iPad being more of a rectangular format, the bottom drop off is even worse.

Somehow, the size of the viewing of the screens needs to be adjustable so that monitors of various native resolutions can be used.
For viewing purposes, you can pre-scale templates easily to various resolutions. That way you will be seeing them in their native pixel resolution on each machine. You will generally have to compromise somewhat on the aspect ratio, to something that isn't too badly stretched or squeezed on any of the clients you want to use.

For design purposes, it really needs to be done at native resolution, so that when you put something on pixel x,y it really is going to end up at that point, which won't always be the case if you try to design against a scaled down version.

How did you create these large ones to begin with? Anyhoo, you could design them at something a little less wide than 1920x1080. And then pre-scale those to the iPad resolution. They'll have small side bars on the 1920 screen, and have small top/bottom bars on the more rectangular one, but shouldn't be overly distorted on either.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Quote:How did you create these large ones to begin with?

That's a good question. It's been more than a year ago and I don't remember.

You've given me some ideas to try out. I'm not designing anything at the moment, so it's not a pressure point.

I have designed screens in HomeSeer, Elve and CQC. I find CQC to be the best of the bunch. However, it would be nice for this issue to somehow find a friendlier approach given the CQC push to easier interaction with the user.

EDIT: I remember now how I got the designing done. I used the sliders to move it around in the Editor so I could work on sections of the template, then repeatedly saved it and viewed it on the iPad so I could see the entire result.
2048x1536 is HUGE compared to 1920x1080

3.2MM pixels vs. 2MM pixels

so 50% makes plenty of sense, seeing as how the 2048 is 150% the size of 1920.
do the needful ...
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