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Question on Hue and Lux driver
I am running CQC version 4.6.9 and the hue driver that come with it.

My lux bulbs do not turn completely off. They go down to about 25% and that's the bottom.

Do I remember correctly that the original CQC Hue driver that was included in the version of CQC Z'm using wasn't set up to deal with Lux and this was corrected in a later version of the driver?

Am I also correct that if I switch to a new driver, I will lose all of my Hue events and will have to re-program them?

I have resisted updating my CQC version since everything is performing so well and I hate to monkey with success.
The latest Hue driver does both the color and white lights (Lux and GE Link). I have a combination of both, and they turn off all the way, so you probably need to upgrade to get the latest.

What do you mean by Hue events; inside of CQC? Then I think yes, but it depends on what field you build from; there are CLGHT (color) and LGHT fields. The CQC driver doesn't do anything with stuff saved into the Hue bridge.

I have been testing the newest driver (4.7.3 release in the Tap thread), which now supports the Taps. If you have any Taps around, it's been working great so far.
If you just upgrade, then you just pick up the new version of the driver, so you wouldn't lose any field triggers you have set, if that's what you mean. Though, the driver is V2 compliant and sends out lighting load changes when any switch goes off or on, and you should be using those anyway and they won't ever get lost since you don't have to configure them.

If you mean triggered events you set up in the event server, then no, you would never lose those just because you upgraded a driver, even if you removed and re-added it. Of course if it depends on specific driver fields and you replace one driver with another that has different fields, then those triggered events may not work correctly anymore. But that wouldn't be the case here either way.

If you are a beta, you should definitely upgrade. There have been a lot of fixes and improvements since then. I assume you meant 4.6.9xx, right? Anyway, absolute worst case, just make sure you let the installer do backups for you and you could get back if you really had to.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
You can tell why I'm cautious, I don't even get the descriptions right.

In it's simplest form, I have a button on my iPad that turns on 5 Hue lights. Each light is listed as a separate action, so if changing drivers destroys that list, I will have to re-add each light separately.

Not a big deal for one button, but if I lose the actions, I'll have to do all triggered and timed events over. I can live with that, but if I know what to expect in advance, I can allow the time for it.
You aren't really changing drivers, just getting the latest version of the existing one. In some cases a bug might have to be fixed, and some folks might have done something that depended on that bug or something like that. Or if you use a beta version of a driver and before it's released it turns out it has to be modified considerably or something like that.

Otherwise it shouldn't affect anything if you just upgrade and get a newer version of a driver.

Given that you are coming from a beta version, there could have been some changes since then to get to the release version. If you see anything suspicious after the upgrade, just post about it. At worst it would likely be a quick and easy adjustment.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Thanks. I'll dig it into it over the weekend when I have time enough to make corrections if necessary.

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