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Radar weather web widget crashed infviewer
I've been putting up with this problem for about two years now, and would like to resolve it if possible. I open the following in a web browser widget. On an intermittent basis, moving away from thepage containing this widget crashes the viewer.

Get an unhandled exception of unknown type thrown bu gui code.

Title: Interface Template Viewer [\User\iPad-Main]
Line #: 0/0/0
Msg: An unhandled exception of unknown type was thrown by GUI code
Msg2: The application will exit now for safety purposes. Sorry

It has the radar weather display in the web widget.


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With CQC action trace open, it won't fail Smile
What version of CQC are you on?

There's always going to be some danger involved in the web widget. It's an opaque box, and many of the things you might run within it may never have been tested other than in the actual browser executable. A while back (like 4.6'ish) I went through that code to a ridiculous degree and made what changes I could see that might be of benefit.

But ultimately the errors were happening down inside the browser engine, not in CQC. And they would happen at a point that I couldn't do anything about them, because it was after I'd already destroyed the browser control and moved on. Something down in there continues to try to operate, even after the browser control is destroyed and causes this exception.

Given that the ones that have the issue are always ones that are running some kind of ongoing script, I'm guessing that the scripting engine doesn't stop all the time when the browser engine object is destroyed. It then later tries to access a now destroyed object and causes this exception. Looking at your page, it is also one of those types.

Of course someone always says, well it never crashes IE. But of course it's a black box to me, and the documentation isn't great. So there may be things I don't know. But most everyone uses the same sample code that someone out there created. It's very tricky stuff and I don't claim to fully understand it.

How about this... Replace that temporarily with a non-interactive screen and see if it fails to croak within a time scale that the interactive one would always have. If it doesn't fail, we know for sure it's to do with interactive scripts.

Is there anything in the script you can do that senses shutdown and stops any timers it might create or anything like that?
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Why doesn't it fail then if CQC action trace is running?
I'm guessing that's either just a coincidence and it will actually fail eventually, i.e. it just shifts the problem in some way, or something about it is delaying things enough to avoid the issue. But we can't just put arbitrary long delays around everything, so that's not really a solution even if it happens to be a real effect. It already tries to process some messages for a while after destroying the browser object, and that clearly isn't helping since you are still seeing the problem.

It could be something far more subtle as well, to do with sending messages to another top level window or some such. It's hard to say.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I'm on 4.7.1
Ron Haley Wrote:I'm on 4.7.1

That's late enough to have any changes that have been made.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

Dean and I spent endless hours on this issue; I wrote tons of variations on the HTML used and tried many variants of web widget placement. All to no avail.

In the end, I write a tiny .Net program that opens a full screen browser widget and displays an html file from the cqc web server. Instead of having a web widget overlay I execute the program which pops up over the interface viewer, shows the radar, and has a big close button in the upper right corner.

Lots of stuff is hard coded but if you have the capability to compile c# I'd be happy to post the source.
Mark Stega
It happens to me on my radar if I move to another screen before the radar has completely drawn the full radar with all the weather tracks. If I let the radar update itself completely, this error does not occur.
kblagron Wrote:It happens to me on my radar if I move to another screen before the radar has completely drawn the full radar with all the weather tracks. If I let the radar update itself completely, this error does not occur.
This is an example of why it is so difficult to characterize the issue. On my system I get the failure even if the radar is completely drawn.
Mark Stega

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