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Official 5.0 Beta Release Thread
  • The driver selection dialog should, if no explicit device category filter is provided, accept any device category. Currently it rejects them all since the device category filter has no bits set.
  • The driver selection dialog (used by the action editor and others) doesn't accept a double click as a selection method.
  • The Change button is no longer enabled on an EndIf line of an If. It used to be available to change an If/EndIf to an If/Else/EndIf, which is very convenient, so get that back.
  • The field selection dialog isn't resizable
  • It's impossible to get all the way to full white using the color palette, you can only get up to 0xFE for each component.
  • Pasting in widgets such that they would go off the template area isn't being caught. Check for that and, if we see it, tell the user we cannot do the paste without modifying the positions and/or sizes of the widgets and ask if he really wants to allow that. If so, adjust the size and position as required to keep it within the template.
  • When the max marquee drag rectangle size is calculated, it's not limiting it to the template's area. So you can drag past the edge. The widget gets clipped back but it shouldn't even be possible to drag beyond the template's area.
  • Typing in a new area for a widget will give a bogus 'out of range' error if the new size is not within the borders of the containing template. I.e. 0,0 origin in on the border, not within it, so it causes an error. The wrong method is being called to check whether the new area is legal, it should be using the other one, that includes the border within the legal area.
  • When you right click on a widget and do an unlock, it should unlock the whole group if the widget is grouped. Else it just does the actually clicked on widget.
  • If you edit or overwrite images, there's no way to update opened template editor tabs to pick up the new changes. So add a new 'Refresh Images' option on the popup menu to allow for this. For 5.1 we can make this happen automatically, but there's no time to deal with that safely this late in the release cycle.
  • The data server is not incrementing the serial number for images that are modified. It updates the serial number on disk, but not in memory, so the client never thinks the image changes (noticed once the previous change above was implemented.)
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
  • When you open a CML macro in read only mode, it doesn't put the focus on the viewer window, so hot keys for the viewer don't work until you click over there on it to give it the focus.
  • Doing a 'close all' tabs, or closing the last tab, in the admin interface doesn't clear out the status bar if there was any content displayed.
  • The frame window isn't correctly cleaning up the status bar window (if it has one), which can sometimes lead to an error during shutdown of the admin intf.
  • Change the javascript that implements the new help content so that it doesn't assume the availability of Try it, and if not present, back down to the full URL and parse out the search parameters from that. Hopefully this will prevent the issue Mark is having of always going to the main help topic page.
  • Add some new help quick links to point to newly implemented help content.
  • An error during the conversion of our code from using our own file open dialog to using the standard one, left the variables driver client such that it can't open import files. The string that should hold the selected file never gets set, so it complains that it can't open the file '', i.e. nothing.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
  • The web browser widget is raising its ugly head again, causing problems. Presumably the changes in the surrounding windowing scheme turned previously non-fatal problems in it to fatal ones. So a bunch of things where done to try to reduce the issues. For one, the interface engine no longer ever closes them. It just keeps them around and re-uses them. Closing them, particularly when they are running any sort of Javascript, causes the web browser engine to hose up so none of them ever work again (just a blank screen) until you restart the IV.
  • At design time, the web browser widget just draws a border where it would go. This isn't always very enlightening as to what the screen will look like. So do whatever background fill it's set up for, so that its area is filled, more like what it will be when viewed. If it were ever transparent, then the border thing would be representative, but transparency isn't a supported option for the browser widget anyway.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
  • The scopes in the /Help/Docs section should not be invoking the browser. They should only expand or collapse.
  • Change the web browser widget so that it now invokes an external program that hosts the actual browser control. This will get them out of the IV, so they can't do damage. It it means that every time you create one, it's in a new process so less possibility of accumulated damage. And, the external program is a vastly simpler environment than the IV from a threading point of view. This will hopefully make it happier.

  • The initially invisible state of a widget isn't being honored by the new web widget changes.
  • The new external web widget moves correct when the IV window is moved, but not when the widget position changes for other reasons, such as when the IV window is resized, which doesn't change the IV window pos but does change the widgets' origin relative to the window.
  • The interface editor doesn't let you delete a widget's id back to empty if there's another widget with an empty id (almost always the case), because it thinks it's a duplicate.

  • The multi-column list window, when it was told to delete a range of items, was not suppressing selection events as it was removing the items, which was causing a notification to be sent to the application as each removed item caused a new item to be selected. But, the application may have already removed that range in his own data, and that would cause him to get an invalid selection index. The list window should remove all of the items, then send a final selection event for the ultimately selected item at the end, if there is one left. This was showing up as an exception in the action editor if you deleted a conditional command that was the last command in the list.
  • The max/restore operation has to be special cased by the IV to update the positions of our new floating external web browsers.
  • Arrange to resize the floating external web browser windows such that they give the illusion of being clipped to the IV's display window, even though they are not children of it.
  • Lower the overhead of keeping the floating browser windows positioned by not just blindly adding every incoming msg from the controlling widget to the helper's queue. If there's an existing message of the same type in the queue already just update it. None of them are of the sort that the all have to be processed, as long as we do the last one of any given kind, we will be in sync. This also avoids the possibility of the queue overflowing if the GUI thread is hung up for a bit by a badly behaved web site.
  • Try some strategies to hopefully deal with the missing visibility state change commands being sent to the new external web browser helper program.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
  • More improvements in the new externally hosted web widget stuff.
  • In the previous drop, an issue was fixed where deleting an If statement, if it was the last statement in the action, could cause an index error. Turns out that only fixed in the scenario where you ask to delete the conditional and all commands. If you chose the other option, to retain the commands, but there are no commands to retain (and the If is at the end of the action) it will also cause an index error and fall over.
  • The web widget is logging repeatedly if it loses connection to its helper process. It should not do that since it'll just fill up the logs if the problem can't be rectified.
  • The web widget should attempt to restart its helper process if it should fall over due to instability or resource consumption caused by the web content it is running. It'll try four times, 10 seconds apart. If it can't, then it'll just give up and a template reload will probably be required to get it back. But, for most reasonably coherent scenarios, it should recover.
  • The variable cheet sheet restores it's previous size/pos, but it doesn't account for that wrt to its child content. It doesn't do an initial auto-resize of the child widgets to get them fitted to the new initial size.
  • The popup menu on the parameters of action commands should be disabled if that parameter is not used by the currently selected command, or if there are no commands yet in the action list. Otherwise, it could cause an error if you inserted something into a parameter that's not valid for the currently selected command.
  • When you use the attribute editor to edit a size, and you enter something smaller than the mimimum allowed, the error message that the in place editor pops up is referring to the maximum size, i.e. the wrong one.
  • You can delete a scope that contains templates that are currently open. Though it won't cause anything horrible, you'll just get a 'scope not found' error if you subsequently try to save one, we should be cautious and just tell them files are open in that scope, we can't delete it.

  • The numeric text, and digital clock widgets don't use the caption text attribute or the line wrap, so remove those from the attribute editor for those widget types.
  • The caption text editor should, in most cases, be allowing a multi-line text value to be entered, only limiting it to a single line in those widgets that don't support multi-line. So the ellipsis beside the caption text should be controlled by the widget's attribute settings as to whether it displays a single line popup dialog or a multi-line editor.
  • Push button and check box widgets are only honoring the 'no wrap' attribute or handling multi-line output when drawing with text f/x. Otherwise they are always single line and always wrapping. So fix them to work correctly.
  • The scheme we are using to track the 'template caching' option in the IV doesn't seem to reliable, so do it better.
  • In the action editor, the Change button is building up a menu of possible new targets for the command, but the menu ids are not correctly correlated back to the right targets, so the wrong target can be selected, which makes a mess.
  • The code that handles the return from the Change button's drop down menu is still using max card as the 'no selection' indicator when it was changed to zero a long time ago, so when the zero comes back (if they make no selection) it subs one to create an index, which under-flows to max card and causes an index error.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Just a final post here with the trailing changes that went into the final 5.0 drop, since the last beta above.

  • When I fixed the issue with some button types not honoring the 'no wrap' flag in some cases, that meant that any buttons that accidentally had no wrap enabled suddenly now stopped wrapping the text. There were a couple in the auto-gen source templates (music and movie browsing.) So you may have to re-generate your auto-gen content to make those buttons wrap the text correctly now. You may also see this on some of your own buttons, in which case you'll have to just flip off the no wrap setting on those. Sorry for the inconvenience, but these things have to be fixed in the long run.
  • There are various issues with the editing of triggered events with the IE. That window is used both in an admin intf tab and in a dialog (within the interface editor.) So there are extra buttons in the latter scenario, whuch were not placed correctly. And, it wasn't passing in the named widgets as available action targets so no widgets were available to send commands to.
  • The processing of the notes field of templates is messed up multiple ways. It's not being included in equality testing, so it's not seen as a change. And they aren't always getting copied to the server when you save, so changes may not even get saved anyway. These things also broke the ability to see the template notes from within the action editor via the helper button of the Parameters parameter of an InvokePopup/Popout command.
  • Named widgets are not availabe as command targets inside the toolbar widget's button configuration, so same issue as with the triggered template events above basically.
  • Ctrl-arrowkey won't work to resize a template if it is larger than the visible area. The reason being that it's setting the resize limit to the area of the parent window of the editor window, not to the editor window itself. The parent of the editor is the visible bit within which the editor window is scrollable, so it won't adjust if it's bigger than that visible area.
  • In the toolbar button editor, when you delete a button, it removes it from the widget, but doesn't clear the image preview window in the button editor dialog.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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