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Cortana - idle thoughts
I have been hearing a bit recently about Microsofts plans for Cortana in Win10 and all. They are even going to make it available on Android and Apple phones and tablets to keep all the other fanboys happy. So perhaps we can look forward to platform independent, voice controlled, "intelligent" access to all sorts of stuff on the web.

Is there an SDK that would allow Cortana to access a CQC server?

If so, then eventually I could talk to my PC, phone or watch and ask Cortana to turn on my heating or tell me the temperature in my house.

Just an idle thought - at the moment, but one triggered by reading James Barrat's new book on AI and the end of the human era.

It may just work though the standard Windows speech recognition API, I dunno. If it's there and built in and always available, then it would obviously be a lot easier to support.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
What I believe is needed is Cortana in something like the Echo - a stand-alone device that can site somewhere in the room so we can communicate with our HA systems.

While it may be nice on the xbox, its overkill to put one in every room just for HA control.

Do that in addition to the above and I think it will dominate.
Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home
The two components needed are VR and a far field field mic, the AI/Natural language part is of questionable benefit. That just means you can say want you want in several ways and it would still do it, so it's more of a nice to have, IMHO.

If you leave off the AI part, then you can do it today with the Speech API and Kinect Mic. And I agree it would be nice to have this in a small device like the echo instead of having to put a PC in every room.

They are considering opening up Echo to limited development... I have sent Amazon several developer requests and not received a response. Maybe if Dean tries as the owner of CQC he might get something back.
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I bought an ubi and plan to use http strings to integrate with CQC. Unfortunately I have not had time to set this up.
Since these are just idle thoughts, I am more concerned about what will happen over the next few years rather than what can be done in a limited way today.

I am interested in Cortana because it could become the gateway to a whole lot of other stuff, not just as a CQC controller. I think intelligent voice recognition is the only way to go for smart watches. Then I don't have to have an Xbox in every room or a set of far field microphones in the ceiling. I just wear my watch and talk to it.

So rather than have a lot of different devices, remotes, tablets etc., I just have one wearable and talk to it. So controlling CQC just becomes one of the many things I can do with one common app, rather than having specific voice recognition software for CQC.

This may all be fantasy at the moment, but some of the parts are in place. It appears that if someone produced a CQC app for windows, then there is an XMLA protocol by which the app can register voice commands with Cortana. This would mean installing the CQC app on the watch, phone etc.

There is already the XML gateway into CQC. So the app could use this to talk to CQC over local wifi. Now how do you do that via a 4G phone going via the cloud and the house firewall?

What would be much better would be a way for the developer (CQC) to register the voice commands and actions globally with a Microsoft server. So CQC functionality would only need to be installed and updated once, rather than on every device. Then there would be no need for a Windows specific app which opens up the market to Apple and Android devices with any additional work.

I am not sure if this path exists yet, but it must be the way to go. After all if Cortana is to search the whole web looking for and retrieving information, it cannot just be limited to stuff that's installed via a specific app loaded onto a given device.

If you just want VR from your watch there is a path to that today as well with Android. There is an AndroidWear plugin for tasker and tasker can control CQC via it's HTTP driver. And doing it via a watch or phone, eliminates the need for the far field mic, and that is the primary reason for needing the PC in every room. So that get's you closer.

One issue with introducing AI into it is that pretty much has to be done in the cloud today because they have to tap into big data. Cortana, Siri, Echo, and Google Now all run in the cloud. So the next step in this happening is for these smartwatches to be able to operate on their own network connection without a separate phone, unless you want to carry a phone around as well

But I agree, having CQC able to hook into VR and AI assistants are the next big thing. A good opportunity to set CQC apart from the crowd and get some buzz. Especially if it is an early adopter...
My Home Theater/Automation Website

[THREAD=5957]BlueGlass CQC Config[/THREAD]
[THREAD=10624]Wuench's CQC Drivers[/THREAD]
wuench Wrote:.....But I agree, having CQC able to hook into VR and AI assistants are the next big thing. A good opportunity to set CQC apart from the crowd and get some buzz. Especially if it is an early adopter...

Exactly the point.


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