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Nuvo Grand Concerto ip control
I am sorry for my ignorance on this, but with the advent of the Nuvo v2 driver I am considering to revisit the integration of my Nuvo GC with CQC.

I am getting lost on the IP control of Nuvo GC, is this achieved through an ip-serial device or some other Nuvo part? I do not have an MPS4(E), only a radio(XM)tuner, which does not have a network connection. Can someone please clarify? I also use Squeezeboxes as sources for local and streamed music, currently controlled through their web interface.
The V2 GC driver also support serial control, but since I haven't had one yet to test against, I didn't ship that manifest yet. If you have a serial one I can enable that driver manifest and send you a driver pack to try. If any issues come up, you'll have to set up the remote port server for me to see why. Likely it'll be fine.

What CQC version are you on?
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Thanks Dean,
I am on 4.6 final but will be moving to the latest beta shortly for the RA2 bug fix.
My problem is also that I have no free serial ports available on my CQC box and adding more is complicated (slots/usb etc). This is why I am evaluating the IP control and being lost on how is this done.
Would an ELK-IP232 be suitable to allow the Nuvo GC to be integrated with CQC and ELK at the same time?
Did you ever figure anything out?
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Not really...
But after reading many forum's posts, I am concluding that IP control of the Nuvo wired distributed audio system is only possible through the Music Port device, MPS4(E). The legacy software music port and NuvoNET adapters connected to a windows pc running the software may provide the same.
Using an IP-to-serial adapter like the one from ELK or others may also be an option, although not sure. Perhaps anyone with a Nuvo GC can chime in...

For now, I started to migrate my Davis Vantage from serial to IP, and if successful, it will free up a serial port for me, so will likely take your offer to add serial connection to the Nuvo GC v2 driver.
I have a Serial connection to mine. How can I get a hold of the driver to test out?
Actually, it looks like the serial connection versions are all that's shipped of the new V2 driver. I didn't have an IP to test, so I just shipped the serial manifests. So those should be there in the latest betas.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Dean, i've love to test the Nuvo GC v2 IP driver if there's one to do so. I'm going to be using 4.8 once I bring everything over from my old rev. I have the MPS-4 and would like to continue to get something out of it now Legrand has basically killed it off.

It should already essentially be capable, I just need one to test it against to make sure it works. If you can open yours up for me to get to I can validate that it works and get it into 4.8.1.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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