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Itune Media Repository

I'm not sure how to see if the driver is working or not but for now I don't see any song title showing in the "music browser" in the auto-generated interface.

CQC 4.6, driver itune repository V2 and CQSL media renderer V2 (iTune player is only v1)

The driver seems to work, I see 111 songs loaded in the CQC tray app as well as in the itune media repo when using the CQC field browser I see Database ready and title count 111. iTune is configured to look at the share folder \\Automation\itune

Is there a quick command line I can use to see if I am able to retrieve something from itune repo the way it is configured now?

You haven't stopped the client service have you? The client service pre-downloads the data to a local directory and serves it up from there, so that it's instantly available. It can take a few minutes or more to suck down the data.

You might also check the logs for anything from the CQC Client Service on that machine and post anything that looks out of the ordinary. You should see it notice that a media repo driver is available and start downloading the data, and then not when it's done.

Also, in [cqc]\CQCData\Client\Data\MediaCache\xxxx where xxx is the moniker of the repository driver. This will be on the machine where you are running the client. It should have all of the cover art and a Metadata.CQCRepoDB file in there.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Ah ok I see the data, I see the cover art now, I had to regenerate the rooms and now it's working.
You are reading the files in the iTune music directory and you're not using the realtime iTune music database/index in the itune application... I'm using iTune match which streams music, I don't have all the songs locally in the iTune music folder that's why I only see 111 songs out of 9000+ songs.
Is there a way you can make the iTune repository driver use the iTune application index and not use the local music folder?
I am starting to understand my issue... If I use the "Administer user drawn templates" button within the CQC admin interface, I don't see the cover art or anything related to search and select songs in the Music tile.
If I use the full CQC Interface viewer, I am able to see everything!
I tought that it was exactly the
Oh, yeh, I hadn't thought of that. The Admin Intf. probably isn't starting up the engine that talks to the client service, so it doesn't work there. I'll have to add that to the list. Sorry.

Does the streaming stuff show up now? I wouldn't think it would. And, if it does, I'm not sure if the players would play it, since I'm not sure what we'd end up passing to the players, most of which I think assume they are getting a local file to play, though I guess it depends on the player and what 'path' iTunes provides for those files.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
No the files that are not local are not showing, only 114 songs out of 9000 are showing. That's an issue but not that much, I can tell iTune to download locally the content of a playlist if I want so it's probably how I will proceed.

But, the fact that we don't have a V2 compliant iTune Player driver is a real problem. I cannot use airplay to play that music on a remote AppleTv or airplay enabled amplifier, that's why I would like to have the iTune Player V2 to match the iTune repo v2 driver. For now, with the autogenerated templates, I cannot do anything with iTune because I don't have a V2 compliant itune player driver...

Another thing, I'm looking at the metadata on the machine where the interface viewer client runs. The total amount of data in this directory for 114 songs is 13 Megs... If I do the maths, I will end up with 130 megs for 1140 songs and approx 1 gig for 9000 songs. That means the client will download 1 gig of data each time he starts? Only the first time?

If you have that much data, then probably your cover art is larger than it needs to be, since that's the bulk of it. Any way to ask iTunes to slim it down or to use a smaller cover art default size?

It only downloads stuff that has changed, or the first time after an upgrade. As long as nothing changes, it just works off that local data forever.

Also, I'm not sure what CQC version you are on, but are you seeing bitmap files for both large and small cover art? If so, then later versions use JPG for the bit stuff, which vastly reduces the size. And, even then, though the older version stored them both as bitmap, they were really downloading typically PNGs or JPGs, so the size downloaded was far lower than the amount stored. The reason I initially went with bitmap was for super-fast loading, but it became apparent that was too much storage space for the large art.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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