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ZWave keypad w LED's
I really didnt know how to title (or word this) ---

But I want to put in a ZWave keypad (the cooper aspire 5 button) and have it control other CQC enabled devices like my Hue bulbs. But how do I get it to use the LED indicator light?

So button 1 turns on the Hue bulb, the LED on the keypad comes on. But if I turn the Hue bulb off with another scene or via an all off command, how would I get that LED to go off?

Or is it even possible?
It might be possible in some way. I don't know if scene controllers can be sent a message to tell them to turn a scene off or on. Maybe that can be done. But all it's doing is showing you the last off/on state it sent for each of the possible scenes. There's nothing out there that knows what that scene is and whether it's now off or on. The keypad just knows it because it sent out the message and knows what it sent last. If something else sent another msg that affected the same loads, the original scene controller wouldn't know or care.

But, if you can send a msg to a scene controller to tell it to turn a scene off you could make it turn the LED off. That would also make it turn around and send out the scene off command probably, which would be sort of redundant in this case, but shouldn't cause a recursive freak out.

But that would be something that would have to be explored and would have a fairly low priority.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Well, I know that they use their associations somehow. I spoke with the Cooper tech support guy to confirm, but if the Keypad is associated with a module, you can turn the module on with the Keypad, and then off at the module which updates the keypad.

Maybe we need some sort of virtual z-wave device we can link to other enabled devices for that type of stuff. Not really sure, but I guess I can explore once I get the keypad physically here.
If another module also supports associations and can send out the appropriate message, then presumably it could be set up to send back to the scene controller a msg, but often scene controllers are sending out msgs to more than one other module so the concept of a scene being off or on would be kind of meaningless.

If there is such a message, then of course you could set up CQC to respond to the light going off and pass on the correct msg to the scene controller to turn the LED off. But currently there's no support for such a type of msg in the V2 driver. Scene controllers are currently treated as outgoing devices only, i.e. they only send out stuff, they don't get sent anything from CQC.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I think I was reading a thread at cocoontech on the premise vrcop driver that indicated this was possible. Sorry for not being more helpful.

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