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Is it possible for CQC to see how a light was turned on/off?
Is it possible for CQC to see how a light was turned on/off? For example, you want that if a light is turned on at the switch, then X should happen. But if it was turned on because of a trigger then Y should happen?

Thank you
No, there's not way to do that. A driver itself could know of course, since the one it would get from the device and the other would be a field write command. But that information is not propagated beyond the driver. It could be, but most drivers would require a good bit of work to do that, and various trigger formats would have to be extended and so forth, so it would be a big thing to take on.
Dean Roddey
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Easy Workaround: Use a variables driver field called "last triggered change time". If a trigger changes the value, set to that timestamp. (make sure you read the prior value, then compare to value trigger would set. If its the same, don't change it). Set a 2nd field called "last changed by" to "trigger".

Set up an event to run every minute. If: last value !=current value and "last triggered change time" isn't within the last 3 minutes, then set last-changed-by to "MANUAL".

I think that would be easy, anyhow.
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