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Automation step 2
Happy RadioRa2 user. It's been bulletproof. But as a product, it is in a precarious position between Homeworks, which gets all of the cool programming features and Caseta, which is their newest, entry-level system. If RadioRa2 has the devices you're looking for, which is extensive, then you're good. If not, I'm not sure how many new devices, if any, Lutron will add to the RadioRa2 system...remains to be seen. It is a solid system and works very well with CQC.
considering the glut of smart 'hubs' and the push to DIY, i would guess the high-end, integrator, stuff will slowly go away. its tough to sell a system like RadioRA when the display next to it has the same technology for 30% of the cost.

i always like to say that we are the very small minority who actually research and care; everyone else just wants to put in a WeMo switch and use IFTTT.
Anything that will replace the high end stuff will have to be as solid as the high end stuff. For the pro installer, the price of something also includes their time troubleshooting problems, which comes at a pretty high premium. They will get blamed for any issues until proven otherwise, and by the time it's proven otherwise, typically the point is moot since the time has already been spent.

Ultimately, it costs to create really solid systems, because they have to be over-built, whereas DIY level stuff tends more towards 'just built enough' or even 'not quite built enough'. Anyone looking to get into that smart hub market will be competing heavily on cost, which might make it pretty hard to meet the bullet proof standard.

Something like the Caseta, I can believe might be pretty good, since it can benefit from 'trickle down' technology financed by Lutron's higher end products. But, those types of companies are also pretty strict about stratification of products, and I doubt they'll let it poach too heavily on their higher end systems. I doubt they want to get involved in a race to the bottom or anything like that.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Dean Roddey Wrote:The RTI is just a remote control system, it's not a lighting system. Maybe we got RTI RP6 and Radio RA2 systems mixed up or something? the RA2 is a full lighting system, with thermos, sensors, etc...

Oups in fact I was mixed up. So let see if I understand if I decide to go with this concept. First I will need a Lutron Radion RA2 systems with the Main Repeater, the Lutron products (dimmers, switches, thermostats and so on) and the Lutron software. Second I will need something to control all the Lutron stuff. It could be via a RTI RP6 or it could be via a Windows CQC Touch Pad, right? Is an iPad or an Android tablet a way to control it?
You can use any sort of control mechanism that CQC supports of course. A Windows tablet would be ideal since you can run the standard IV without any limitations. But you can also use remote controls if you want. The RIVA client on an iPad is an option as well. And you configure Lutron panel buttons to invoke CQC actions as well. And of course all of them mixed together as well.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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