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Simple Clarification Questions
I want to be sure I understand a couple of configuration choices.

#1: In the Edit Scheduled Event box for setting up a timed event based on sunrise, the offset is, of course, quite clear. But what is the number adjustment just below the calendar for?

#2: When programming the Action list for a Command button, at the bottom of the Edit Action screen are 3 lines to make selections on, Field, Value and FailOnErr. Am I correct that the only time you would use True is that if the Command fails on one of the lines, you want the execution of the rest of the lines to stop. I assume one way you might use that is if the first line in the Action list is to trigger an Event that isn't ready to be triggered for whatever reason, you don't want the rest of the list triggered. I'm also assuming that in most instances you would want this set to False so even if one line failed, you'd get the rest of the lines executed.
It's to allow you to force the event to start some time in the future. It's seldom needed but there just in case. Otherwise, once the event starts working, it'll show the next time that it's naturally been scheduled. But you can force it forward and that will become the next time at which it can be considered for scheduling (i.e. the next legal time after that will be selected as the first possible time.) If you open it right back up, it'll be set to that next possible time.

One use for it may be to set up something that will run daily, but not today despite the fact that you are setting it up in time for it to run today, maybe before you go on vacation or some such thing.

But, not normally it's never manually set, it's just whatever has been calculated as the next possible runtime.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
On #2, the deal is, you normally don't want to continue if something fails. Maybe you want to allow it, but normally not. So normally it's set to true so that, if something should fail, the action won't just run on blindly, possibly doing something wrong. It will display an error to the user and stop.

But, if you don't care if something works or not, or if you want to handle the failure yourself, you'd set it to False. If you don't care, then that's it. If you want to handle it yourself you'd use the field write command in an If or If/Else statement, so that you can react to the success or failure.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
On the calendar setting in #1, all of my current usage is daily without exception. What should I set the numbers to so that it has no effect on the execution as if it wasn't even there.
Just leave it at whatever it is set at, which typically when you create one would be now. The calendar will be today and the time will be now. So anything you create will start running at the next time that it would normally run after now, i.e. the time you created it.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Thanks, I have it all figured out now. I've been running it OK, but thought I should understand why.


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