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Global-Cache-iTach-Wi-Fi-WF2IR with CQC
I just realized the two devices probably aren't in conflict. When I glanced at the instruction sheet showing default address, I saw the .70 on the end and thought it was the same as the GC-100.

The default for the iTach is, according to the quick start guide, My entire network runs on a different address beginning with 192.

So, I'm thinking they are saying one should access the iTach on That seems simple, but when I try it with a browser, I don't get a response.

They supply a USB to iTach Power In jumper cord which I thought might provide the connection to the iTack, but it doesn't seem to change anything.

Basically, I haven't gotten anything to talk to the iTach yet in any form.
Assuming you are actually using the WF2IR, which is wireless only, you have to connect to its default wireless network from a laptop or other device before you can connect to it. Assuming you don't have their instructions handy, the short form is below

1. Apply power to the itach.
2. Using a laptop, view the available wireless networks and connect to the one that says iTachXXXXXXXXXXXXX, where XXXXXXXXXXXXX is the MAC address of the itach. I would personally disconnect the laptop from any other networks (such as wired) while doing this.
3. Once connected, browse to

If that doesn't work, or you do not see the wireless network, the default the iTach using the reset button.

Full instructions here:

If that doesn't help, then I am out of ideas.

You'll probably have to change your computer to temporarily set a manual address on that sub-net, so or something, then you should be able to talk to it. Then when you are done, just put your computer back to automatically getting an address (if that's how you have it set up, or back to it's original fixed address otherwise.)

It's something that sucks about small devices that are network based. If they aren't able to do a DHCP query to get an address, you end up having to do this type of scheme to get them set up. Even if they do DHCP, they often don't have a convenient way to know what address they got. Some are kind of novel, like the Barix ExStreamer which speaks its address out its audio output after startup.

[Oops, Joe beat me to it, with better instructions. I wasn't considering that it was a wireless device either.]
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I have been trying to do this with a PC. I have an old lapstop and a plug in network card somewhere that I would have to look for.

However, based on your last post, I tried it on my iPad and I now have the iTach Setup and Configuration screen showing on the iPad.
Yeah, that device only connects wirelessly. Since it has no prior knowledge of your wireless network, you have to connect to its default network first. Then you set it up to connect to your wireless network and change the IP address. If you flub the config of your wireless on the itach and cannot connect afterwards, a factory default starts you over.
It's the simple things that get me. Such as not stopping to think about the wireless issue and why they suggested a laptop. I could probably gotten my old laptop to work, but the iPad completed the job just fine (I think). I have both GC units showing up with Fing, the GC-100 at .70 and the Itach at .80 (I assigned that address).

Thanks Joe for your help.
Great! Glad you got it working. I still have a lot of work still left on my setup (mainly IR programming and screen setup) before I get it to where I want it. I am hoping to gain some ground over the holidays. You should be good from here since you already know how to setup the GC-100.
All in and operating. I had some early concerns as to whether my Wi-Fi router would have enough coverage to reach from one end of the house to the other and down a floor, but no problem. Solid signal.

What it's for is to lower a HunterDouglas Version 1.0 honeycomb shade before the sun hits the window and up when it's gone.

I would have had it converted to the new RF version 2.1 head rail, but the head rail would be 1/4" deeper and it wouldn't fit, so I elected to stay with the old and operate it with IR from the iTech. Conversion would have been $200 and the iTech was $111, so it wasn't a bad deal.

Thanks Joe for your contributions. Once the concept clicked for me, it went together quickly.
Dean Roddey Wrote:I'm not sure, but I just got one. I had to send my GC-100 back and get its nose powdered, because it was dying of old age. They just sent it back and though I haven't opened the box yet, supposedly they sent me a Flex thingy as well.

Look forward to hearing how you go with the flex.
Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home

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