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CQC client - hangs and restart

I have a problem with CQC client restarting randomly once or twice a day on the master server. Every time it restarts, I see the following events :

No response received to get message : CQCRemVSrv process -> Timeout
An exception occured in worker thread : CQCRemVSrv process -> Failed

Then I see CQC client starting and everything starts working again.

It's not that it's a long downtime, the problem is that every time we see "connection lost" on all the client devices (iPads), we have to press "OK" and then manually reconnect to the CQC server.

The logs are attached, last time it happened was today november 27th at 15:33


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.txt   CIDLogFileSnap.Txt (Size: 13.41 KB / Downloads: 3)
You mean a RIVA client, right, not the regular Interface Viewer? That message is coming from the RIVA server, so I'm just making sure that's the case.

And, when it happens, they ALL have to be reset? That would be particularly weird. The error only seems to be affecting one client as best I can sell from the logs.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
BTW, one scenario we saw recently where this happened was that, since adding support for relative template paths, the code that was checking to make sure that you can't create a recursive set of template linkages got broken. I.e. you have a template with an overlay, and that overlay loads its own parent (or grandparent, etc...) template, which causes that overlay to reload which reloads its own parent, and so on. It will quickly blow up the RIVA server and causes it to cycle.

That is supposed to be prevented, and I've gotten that check back working again, by just pruning off any such cycles when you load the templates. So, it's possible that if you had such a cyclical link that you wouldn't have known about it until this check got broken and suddenly it started being a problem. As soon as someone opened such a screen, the RIVA server would croak and then restart.

In the regular IV only the IV itself would fall over, but in the RIVA scenario the server is running the templates actually, so it is affected.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Hi Dean,

Yes, it's the RIVA client on an iPad. You're right, I only used one client for testing since I upgraded to version 4.6 but before, I was having the same problem with the RIVA client on 3 different iPads.

I cannot say for sure but it looks like this happens often when I have the CQC tray monitor and the ITUNE player driver loaded on the CQC master server.

On the RIVA client, sometime I see "reconnecting" usually right after unlocking the iPad ; 90 % of the time everything comes back online without having to reconnect manually but sometime I see "connection lost" and then I have to select the server and reconnect to it manually, this is the part I don't understand.

Can it be caused by the antivirus software? Is there recommendations on the antivirus to use and the directory to exclude from scanning?

Is iTunes, and its communications with the tray app, perhaps using up a lot of CPU or something? If the server is getting overly slow, it could makes responses to the clients slow down enough that they will give up and start over. So it's probably worth check the task list on the server (show all processes so you see the servers) and see what the CPU usage (and the memory usage for that matter) is on the server.

I would typically expect a reconnect after waking up the iPad, since the connection will have been dropped while it was asleep. But as to why it won't automatically reconnect, that I'm not sure of. I do though remember some recent improvements in the iOS client related to that automatic reconnect stuff, so if you've not upgraded it in a while, it might be worth doing so. If you are already on the latest version, then it's unlikely to be related to that.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Didn't saw your last post before sending mine!

I suspected something like that so what I've done is that I started over with the auto-generated templates and modifying the music tile to use the itune player instead of the CQC player... Still having the issue.

BTW, will there be an Itune player V2 driver soon? I'm using itune match and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one! I'm not a Apple or nothing person but I'm using ITune match so it's pretty hard to have an easy process to integrate all the new songs bought in itune automatically in CQC media player / media repository format.

By using the itune match, as soon as a song is bought, it is available to all my devices including my automation PC on which CQC / itune is running.
I tough about upgrading but it's scary, I think I will go ahead and do this, I'm at IOS 7 not 8 so...
BTW, just to make sure we are clear what I was saying, I meant the iOS CQC client app, not your iPhone. There were some relatively recent fixes to the app related to improving auto-reconnection.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Ok... in that case, I'm pretty sure it's up to date, the applications automatically updates themselves since IOS 6 or 7 but for now, there's no updates available for the CQC client on the iPad.

I will look into the CPU usage but I don't think it will be the answer.

Just to finish on the AV stuff, I excluded the c:\Program Files\CQC, CQC\Bin, CQC\CQCdata folders, is there any other folder I should exclude or is it not required at all?

For the servers that should be it.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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