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Color Palette is blank on iPad

I've just installed my new Hue lights; all working perfectly.

I've just tried to add a color palette widget to the Lighting overlay, so I can change the Hue colors.

The color palette shows up as you'd expect in the Editor, and in the Viewer on my server.

However, on my iPad mini, it shows up as a blank white box only.

I tried setting the palette into a popup - looks fine in Editor, but even in the Viewer on the server, it shows up also as a blank white box.

Any ideas?
Additional info:

Although all I can see is a white square, running my mouse or finger over it does register the colour that *should* be visible.

For now, I have a workaround where I captured a screenshot of the palette, saved it as an image, then placed the image under the actual palette. I turned the palette to transparent background. So now I can see the colours, and the transparent palette is selecting the colours correctly.
how do you use the Hue system? ive been going back and forth trying to determine whether Hue can be used as a whole home setup, or if simply room/scene based extras.

i cant seem to entirely wrap my head around the smart bulb as a complete home system so im trying to source info from other setups. Smile
The iOS client would have to be updated to support drawing the color palette as a special case, because it would require way too many drawing operations to do in the usual way of sending them as separate operations to the RIVA clients. It takes thousands of drawing operations to draw even a fairly modest sized one.

This would require a fairly fundamental change to how RIVA works, and I'm not sure that Brian would be willing to make that change even if I did it.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Actually I take that back. It wouldn't require a fundamental change. It could be done by create a 'draw palette' command that acts like a low level graphics command but really gets turned into the drawing of the whole palette on the other side. If you can talk Brian into supporting it, I'm happy to add it. On the IV side it would just have to check whether in RIVA mode or not. If so, don't draw it normally but just call the special drawing method to do it, which would get turned into a single call to the RIVA client.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Well, like I say, it is working for now with my workaround of having a png image under the actual palette. I have a small icon which, when clicked on, launches a popup with this png/palette combo. I can slide my finger and watch the lights change, and I use the popup to change the color of each light.

Something which would be nice - would it be possible to add a 'link to field' attribute on the 'Area Color Fill' widget? That way, I could have a real-time indication of the light colors as an animation in my viewer, which would be cool.

jkmonroe - my flat is tiny, so for me, the Hue is just for mood lighting. I just purchased the starter set of a hub and 2 bloom units. I have them in the corner of my lounge, usually cycling through different colors; combined with my hole-in-wall gas fire on the other side, it's really attractive and cosy.

I'm not very impressed with my Insteon lights, so I may over time change all my bulbs to Philips, probably just using the Lux (white) ones for normal lights - they are just the same as Insteon in that you can turn them on, off, or dim them. So they would just replace the current Insteon set.
The area color fill on that screen isn't linked to a field, it's just being sent a value from the palette. I don't think that there's currently any means to have a field drive a color display, though I may be forgetting something recently done.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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