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New VRC0P 3 appears to be working
It appears the driver is communicating properly with the +3 version of VRC0P. It takes about 5 seconds to move from "Wait to Connect" to "Connected to Device". The Driver Statistics now get filled in with numbers.

I've been looking at videos and reading Tech Papers, but I haven't figured out how to make a widget turn on a simple Z-Wave light. Obviously, I haven't hit the right tutorial.

Can you get me started.


In the V2 driver, whether a light is a dimmer or a switch, it always has an off/on field (Boolean, meaning it can have off/on or false/true values.) Any time you are dealing with a Boolean value, Check Box widgets are typically what you want. They can both display he off/on state (via text and/or image) and control the state. So watch the video on buttons, which includes check boxes. Or just go to the Check Box section of the Interface Designer technical document.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I'm thinking I have something missing. Shouldn't I be seeing the available nodes of the Z-Wave network somewhere? While I'm showing connected to the VRC0P, I'm not getting any indication of what it is seeing on the network or any choices anywhere.
Have you loaded the client side interface and configured any units? See the driver docs for details:
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
The document you linked well written and helpful.

I had the client side driver installed, but the Orange lite procedure on the VRC0P had not been performed. Since my primary controller is temporarily the Z-Troller, which I have little knowledge of it transferring ability to a secondary controller, I think it's suspect as to where I am. I've known all along this needs to be replaced.

After installing the client side driver, I get the VRC0P box with the "Defined Units" space on the left and the "Unit Information" on the right. The "Defined Units" listing is blank. I would guess that means the information is not getting to CQC from the VRC0P.

I need to replace the Z-Troller and rebuild the network. With only 11 nodes, that's not a big deal.

I don't know which is best. Do you recommend the hand held Leviton controller? Or something else. I can get one overnighted if I act quickly.

Until you do the transfer to the VRCOP from the master controller, the CQC driver won't see anything.

If you have a laptop, then the Leviton software based master controller is a good choice, since it's infinitely upgradeable over time. It requires the Leviton USB stick as it's means of getting onto the Z-Wave network. so you'd need both the stick and the software.

If you don't have a laptop, then it might not be very practical since you need to be reasonably close to the units when you add them. IN that case, perhaps a hand held one would be the better option. Just make sure whatever hardware controller you get supports beaming and security.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I have an older laptop, but it still runs and will work for this. Times are changing, and this stick I ordered may be only temporary as the new Z-Wave protocol is released. I may not need the new protocol for my limited Z-Wave use, but we'll see what it's strengths are.

I firmly believe Z-Wave is the surviving DIY concept of the future. It now has the momentum of product development.

So, I'll set the Z-Wave development in CQC aside for a day or two and work on my touch screen. I just tested my DVD control matrix (cursor cluster) and it works perfect. I created the original cluster for Elve some years ago, and simply lay transparent widgets over the top of the various keys.
Deane Johnson Wrote:I just tested my DVD control matrix (cursor cluster) and it works perfect. I created the original cluster for Elve some years ago, and simply lay transparent widgets over the top of the various keys.

Did you do it that way in CQC? If you use the individual button images in the buttons themselves, you can have press/release effects, which is nice. You wouldn't get that sort of feedback by putting transparent buttons over a background image.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Yes, I did it that way in CQC and you are certainly right, there is no feedback. I would prefer feedback.

I can take it apart and turn it into individual buttons, which is probably worthwhile.

I also need to think in terms of not just blindly duplicating what I have now, but thinking through what improvements in usage could be implemented.

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