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Tivo control question
i think so. the driver currently uses telnet to some random port.

this uses your Tivo MAK (media access key) and i think goes over the web.

at least for me, all that i really wish we could do was get the current driver to show those 3 states (livecache, recording, idle/loopset).

in reality, it might actually dump that info, but because to most people idle/loopset is irrelevant you could be dropping it in the driver.

when i can, ill connect up to the tivo via telnet and see if it dumps that info already.

edit: nope, all that you get is CH_STATUS <channel> LOCAL or RECORDING. so all that it gives you is what live channel is tuned and if it is recording. if you start a DVR'd show or an app, it just stays on the last live tv channel.
do the needful ...
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Would also be very interested in a upgraded Driver. Does anyone know if the new TIVO Bolt uses the same protocol since it does have the new commercial skip feature? I want to dump my FIOS DVR finally

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