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Where to paste IR codes for the GC-100
PROBLEM SOLVED. I finally figured out what that blaster box that kept popping up was for. It was the one I needed. Duh.

My GC-100 shows connected. I want to put the codes for my Cambridge Audio Blu-Ray player into the driver (I guess). I can learn them with iLearn, or Cambridge posts the hex codes on their site.

I can't find where to paste the IR codes.

***EDIT - NEW ISSUE: I now have a button on the screen that successfully opens/closes the drawer on my DVD player. Now I want to test doing this simple task on my iPad. I'm in the dark as to the steps I need to take to get the iPad to function as a client and display the template I made.
You need a 3rd party app.
potts.mike Wrote:You need a 3rd party app.

Now to get it to connect. I'm getting a constant spinning of the wheel. I believe it's happy with the log in credentials, but not making contact with CQC, or else CQC isn't set up to receive it.

I am wondering about the port. It's defaulting to 13517. Do I need something else?

You need the RIVA bit. It's an option during install, I think.
jkmonroe Wrote:You need the RIVA bit. It's an option during install, I think.
I think I installed everything. Is there a way to check if it's installed?
If you see CQCRemVSrv.exe in the task list (when you show processes for all users), then it's installed.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
That would be lovely if I know where the task list was.
Oh, right click somewhere down in the Windows task bar. Select the "Start Task Manager" option. The select the Processes tab. Then there should be an option to 'Show all users" or "Show processes for all users", which will show you all the processes running, not just the ones running in your own user account.

Sort them by the name column and look in the CQC chunk of names.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
open your task manager and check your running processes. ctrl-alt-delete and then task manager, or right click task menu and open task manager.

goto the process tab and see if that proc is running.

edit: damn, simultaneous post!
I was looking for the list in CQC, not realizing we were talking about the Windows feature.

Yes, it's on the list.

My guess is that I either don't have something activated in CQC, or perhaps the ports are wrong. I note that both port indicators in the iPad software are the same.

With Elve, I was used to having to specify the page the remote client landed on within Elve.

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