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Sonos Zone Player V2?
Actually, when I looked into it, I was surprised to see the working version did not need those manifest changes. I did those changes on my old laptop server. When I moved to a new dedicated Windows 8 server, I had forgotten about the changes, so I didn't do them on the new server and everything was working fine.

In any event, I did apply the changes anyway just in case the issue had resurfaced, and I restarted twice and reconfigured the drivers etc, but that weird deleting thing persisted. So then I rolled back to the previous version (because I knew I had played my albums on the weekend), and my albums are fine again.
I'm not sure I completely understand where we stand now. Are you saying that the driver, as shipped, now works? Or you can't get it to work in the latest CQC version no matter what you do?

If the latter, I enabled some more logging in 4.5.25 which might tell us what is going on.

The important question is, do you see the Sonos responding at all when you queue up the content? I.e. is the Sonos failing to play it, or is it failing to be queued up on the Sonos? The logging hopefully would tell us which.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I rolled back to Version 4.4.934

The driver, as shipped, works (Version 4.4.934 was installed to my new server)

I am off to Spain on hols tomorrow; when I get back, I will try the new version and if it breaks again, hopefully the extra logging will help.
Holiday... I've heard of it. :-)
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Dean Roddey Wrote:Holiday... I've heard of it. :-)

You should try it sometime, it was fabulous! :-D

Dean, I was just looking up some driver info, and found this on the Sonos page:

A Sonos firmware update in late April/early May in some way conflicts with Windows' UPnP implementation, and some of the UPnP services of the Sonos cannot be accessed now. Most of them didn't matter, but one that was affected was the Group Management interface, which this driver used to provide access to grouping functionality. We hope that this gets cleared up, but in the meantime we had to disable all of the grouping related fields for now. This is likely to make this driver considerably less useful, but there's little we can do about it. Feel free to complain to Sonos about it and maybe they will address the problem. Once it is straightened out, we can re-enable the functionality.

In actual fact, while I was pretty pissed off at the time because that Sonos update broke my whole system, I can now say that it was actually for the better.

I know I've mentioned this before, but just to confirm: the grouping is by no means broken, it just works differently now. It is easier now than it was, because Sonos no longer cares if you send a Play or Stop command to a slave speaker - the slave will happily accept the command and start/stop playing: this was a real bugbear before.

The Groupto:<self> command no longer exists, but to achieve the same thing, you simply send the command to the zone of you choice, and save that zone id in a variable driver for later. For example, here I select a radio station to play in the Office

P2=SetTransURI : "x-rincon-mp3radio://", "Arrow", "Arrow", "The Arrow"," 1", "2012"

Then, in order to group other zones to this zone, you use the same command, but with the master ID and an empty string. To illustrate, I now group the lounge speaker to the office speaker:

P2=SetTransURI : "x-rincon:RINCON_office_speaker_id", "", "", ""," ", ""

I simply repeat the above for each speaker to add to the group. I have a little popup with a global action behind which allows me to easily group/ungroup using checkboxes.

I'd go so far as to say, in terms of grouping, my own version works better than the Sonos app, which is a bit buggy with grouping.

Hope this helps someone else who may have given up on their Sonos setup.

The other day, I mentioned to you that the Zone Player driver was not always populating Artist, Album info.

Let me expand on that. On one of the internet radio stations that I have set up as a favorite the app will show relevant data under the header:


When I was looking at similar radio stations that are offered via Amazon Prime and for which Sonos can configure as a service and even if I save it as a favorite here is what data is available:




These correspond and are populated in the Player Driver as


So that's all working as it should.

I've downloaded and looked at one UPnp spy program, but to be honest with you, I couldn't figure out what was going on. The data movement certainly wasn't obvious.

Here is my question. It seems as if there may be another field that is populating the "Information" header for some stations that don't break down the metadata into track, album, artist values. Is there a way you could check? When I look at the same station in Squeezebox, the metadata is presented in the same way. IE as a single string.

BTW, I'm getting this information from the windows Sonos Program(App).
I don't have any way to make one of those happen, but I can bring up UPnP Spy and figure out what you need to look at to tell me what's going on.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Ok. That would great.

My experience with the Sonos app leads me to believe this is the best media player available today, but it wont be for us until Sonos makes it's protocol available.
Dean are you limited by your lack of having a sonos connect device?
zra Wrote:My experience with the Sonos app leads me to believe this is the best media player available today

^^^This!^^^ For those considering Sonos for whole house audio or even 1 - 2 rooms the usability is unbeatable! My biggest barometer of ease of use is my beautiful wife, who by the way is quite tech savvy, and she never has any questions and uses it all the time.

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